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Club Results 4/9

Charles Reinke Snatches "Mr. 500" Title Away From Undeserving Brother

1st Charles Reinke averaged a board-melting 507 points per game, using his aggressive scoring ability to finish 4-0 +836.  A troubling trend began to emerge from the very first game, where Charles beat Helen Flores 461-297 in his lowest game of the night.  Each subsequent game that Charles played featured a progressively higher score.  Mark Kenas was defeated 477-354, while Peter Schmiedicke was crushed 478-262 thanks to Charles' bingos of KIRTLES, LANNERS, and ORECTIVE (adj. pertaining to appetites or desires).  Then, Charles decided to stop goofing off and start actually playing Scrabble, resulting in a devastating 612-279 victory over the previously-undefeated Lynda Finn.  Lynda did play OOLITHS, but otherwise dealt with unplayable drek as Charles got down COREMIA, MISPARSE, ENTIRETY, and an out-bingo of DEFILING, which, combined with the Q still on Lynda's rack, got him over the 600-point threshhold.  Charles has now won 14 of his last 15 and his club champion status seems almost assured. 

2nd Peter Schmiedicke went 3-1 +233, scoring well in all of his games barring, of course, his encounter with Charles.  He scored a healthy 481 (to Susan Vergeront's 263) despite getting just one bingo, BAILOUT (Susan got CREASING).  He also applied a regular beatdown to Thomas Reinke, 459-361, overcoming Thomas' FLORETS with ACEROSE, STALKERS, and SOONERS (which was challenged; it means a person who settles on government land before it is officially open for settlement).  It was perhaps this merciless victory which prompted Charles to destroy Peter with vengeful wrath.  With another good night, Peter is strengthening his third-place position on the yearly standings.

3rd Lynda Finn, like Peter above, had a fantastic night if one simply ignores her game against Charles, going 3-1 -120.  Her closest victory came against Andy Bohnsack, 396-371.  As they say, two bingos is better than one, an adage that certainly proved true as Lynda's two bingos of FELDSPAR and INDORSER were too much for Andy's lone DETRAINS.  Lynda also showed no remorse in defeating director Richard Lauder 476-381, unblinkingly laying down the phony COESINE (COESITE is good; SENECIO is the word in those letters) and playing the non-phony FREEZING to a triple for a million-kajillion points.  Richard came back with the word-of-the-week QUANTICS (n. QUANTIC, a type of mathematical function) as well as REFRACTS. 

Jordan Parker Makes Splash In Debut Performance

1st Jordan Parker impressed with his first visit to our club, finishing 3-0 +315.  Things started off slow with a bingoless 340-242 victory against the long-absent Aki Miura, but Jordan quickly got into his groove and finished the night by defeating the also-long-absent Harwinder Dowd 425-324.  Both players managed a bingo in that one, with Harwinder playing BEATERS (anagrams BERATES and REBATES) and Jordan playing TRAINED (anagrams DETRAIN and ANTIRED).

2nd Sharlie Miura came back from a long Scrabbatical to go 1-1 -97.  She defeated Sue Goldstein 335-316, using her timely bingo of READYING to take the win.

In website news, there is a new feature on the bingos page which keeps track of the Club's unofficial quest to play every possible seven- or eight-letter bingo.  There are 53,795 possible bingos; as of this writing, the club has played 6,977, or 12.97% of them.  This is up from 12.83% a week ago.  Way to go team!

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