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Club Results 10/5


1st Charles Reinke nicely took over the reins when his brother Thomas plunged off the winner’s seat this week, by recording a solid 4-1 +416 cume. Charles, bingo king at 10 this week, played three of them (FUGATES, PARDONER and SENOPIAS) in his best game of the night, a 509-369 victory vs. Richard Lauder.

2nd Andy Bohnsack finished in 2nd on a 3-1 +216 tally. Andy won a narrow win vs. Charles (384-371) in their closing match. Andy’s nice find of BOUTIQUE helped greatly there. BTW, BOUTIQUEY is also a good word.

3rd Lynda Finn finished 3rd with a 3-1 +175 total. Lynda, who enjoys at robust 422 average this year, suffered her sole loss vs. Leslie Seltzer 416-446. Lynda nailed down the word of the week, AQUALUNG in an earlier game with Mary Becker.


1st Sue Goldstein took top spot in an unusually small (4) field of Intermediates. Her closest game was her 323-288 win against veteran June Scott.

2nd Harwinder Dowd captured second with her own 2-1 -18 record. Harwinder managed a razor-edged win of 349-345 against Dee Lilllge, Harwinder’s bingo there of FEARING providing the margin.

3rd Dee Lillge rode a 2-2 +90 score card into 3rd. Dee recorded her high game of the year, a thumping 475-294 final game with Sue Goldstein, blessed with her three bingos, SEASONS, GINGERS and COLDEST on a pleasantly warm October eve.

16 scrabble players met at Attic Angels this week... Lynda Finn was awarded the $4 prize for the highest “G” play (in GROK), Shayla Dunn rounded up best low R, and the high O was given out to Barb Besadny and the final low K captured by Gal Salm.
Aki Miura is off to Japan for a few weeks, so we’ll miss seeing both him and Sharlie in the meantime. We all wish for safe travels to Aki.

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