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Club Results 6/4

Thomas Reinke Crushes Opponents Like So Many Bugs

1st Thomas Reinke romped over the unfortunate few who were decreed to play him, ending the night 4-0 +642 and averaging 490 points per game.  Following up Chris Veregeront's 612-point game last week, Thomas Reinke unleashed a 600-point game of his own, scoring 606 to Dave Gilligan's 245.  DRAYMEN, AUTODYNE (n. a type of electrical circuit), and FRAULEIN were Thomas' valid bingos; however, the prestige of the 606-point game was tarnished by a phony of UTRICATE (URTICATE and UTRICLE are good).  Another rare feat was attained when Thomas played the nine-letter INSWATHED (as well as the more pedestrian WIRINESS) en route to a a 455-335 win over Peter Schmiedicke, who played NAILERS and AIGRETTE in his losing effort.

2nd Charles Reinke finished 3-1 +282 for second place in the expert group.  Most of his spread accumulated as a result of his 525-301 drubbing of Andy Bohnsack.  Andy, who averages well over two bingos per game, played none of his usual rack-clearing plays as he watched Charles play CLAMORER, OFTENEST, and REDDING (v. red, to put in order).  Charles' quest for an undefeated record came to a sad end as he lost to his brother, Thomas, 418-460 in the final game of the night.  Charles actually outbingoed his brother, playing SOAPIER, URETERAL, and BAMBINO (n. a baby) to Thomas' DIRECTOR and MUTATED, but a late-game misplay cost him the victory.

3rd Aaron Bader started off strong in his first visit to our club, going 3-1 +87.  Aaron is still shaking off the rust after a few-year hiatus, but as he was an expert-level player in the latter part of the last decade, we don't expect that rust to stick around for long.  An aspiring Collins (British dictionary) player, Aaron played a two-game series against veteran Collinser Mark Kenas and won both by scores of 488-362 and 405-400.  No Collins bingos were played (good thing too - they would have to be marked as phony!), but Aaron did get the odd-looking ORRERIES (in addition to the high-probably ALEURON) in his second game against Mark.  Only Gail Salm was able to best the newcomer, prevailing 454-381.  Aaron played SEMIRAW and OUTSETS, but was overcome by Gail's trifecta of DROPSIED, CLINGERS, and RENAILS.

Richard Lauder and Andy Bohnsack also had 3-1 records, but couldn't improve on the low bar set by Aaron's +87 cumulative.  Spread matters!  Never let up!  In bingo-of-the-week news, Peter Schmiedicke played JAROVIZE (v. to hasten the flowering of a plant) against a shell-shocked Lynda Finn.  Of eight-letter words containing a J and a Z, JAROVIZE is the most likely to appear, followed by AZULEJOS. 

Sue Goldstein Reels Off Perfect Night

1st Sue Goldstein went 4-0 +192, easily taking first place in the intermediate group, and has now won twelve of her last fifteen games.  In the category of "low-scoring wins", she defeated June Scott 269-265, and in the category of "ridiculous phonies" she played RETOOTED in the same game.  It's not any more ridiculous than OUTBLEAT, but still.  Sue also notched a 400-point game as she emerged victorious from a bout with expert Barb Besadny, 402-309.  This time, she only played valid bingos, getting down MANNERS and a nice find of SEXTONS.

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