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Club Results 7/23

Maybe Somebody Will Beat Charles Reinke Eventually

1st Charles Reinke is on a thirteen-game winning streak after going 4-0 +298, thus making the next person who beats him five dollars richer.  However, given Charles' ever-increasing momentum, the chances of anyone managing to score a win against Charles grow more minute with each passing day.  Andy Bohnsack came closest of Charles' four opponents, losing 409-445 in a contest that saw each player get down three bingos.  When Charles matched up against club second-placer and brother Thomas Reinke, the result was significantly less close, with a final score of 494-351 telling a tale of domination.  Thomas was barred from bingoing as Charles got down two: DRESSAGE and LACTEAN (adj. resembling milk).

2nd Thomas Reinke went 4-1 +387 to improve on his strong ~70% yearly winning percentage.  The grisly details of his singular loss can be found above, but aside from that blemish, Thomas sailed smoothly through the rest of his games.  Total carnage ensued when Thomas met up against Barb Besadny in the first round: 505-293 was the final, and Thomas walked away with four bingos to his name (PLATINIC, LODGERS, SWOONER, and AGMINATE [adj. clustered together]).  Michael David gave him more of a run, but still fell short 407-453, this despite Michael's bingos of INCLINE and (word-of-the-week) ATWITTER. 

3rd Peter Schmiedicke finished another night of strong Scrabble play at 3-1 +51.  He narrowly defeated Susan Vergeront 459-456, the only consolation for Susan being that her score of 456 is her highest losing score this year.  Actually, it was probably also a nice change of pace for her to out-bingo Peter, AKA "The Notorious Bingoer".  She got ICKIEST, INTERNED, and URINOSE to Peter's RUSTLER and DELATION.  Peter followed up that close win with a 420-394 victory over Andy Bohnsack, against whom he has won seven of the last eight.  In that game, Peter was the one doing the bingoing, as he got down three (MESSING, STRAWED, and SORBATE) to Andy's one (THYREOID). 

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