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Club Results 11/5

Thomas Reinke at Eleven In a Row (it Would Have been Twelve but for the Late Start)

1st Thomas Reinke cruised to his third-straight undefeated session, going 3-0 +339 and averaging 485 points a game. There was no shortage of bingos in his matchup versus Lynda Finn; Lynda played RONDELS and WIDENESS (98), but Thomas laughed in the face of a mere two bingos, playing four of his own: NEATENED, FLATTING, MULTIAGE, and EQUATOR. The final total was, as expected, very high scoring: 515-416. Another 500-point score was in store for Gail Salm, who lost 305-505. TERRARIA and UNDERPAY were Thomas' bingos; Gail played TARSIERS (it should be noted that tarsiers remain as cute as ever).

2nd Peter Schmiedicke stuck around for just two rounds, but made the most of his games, going 2-0 +238 and holding his opponents to a club-low average of 324. Finds of ETAGERE and LOOPIEST gave Peter the upper hand against Susan Vergeront, a 458-359 victory coming despite Susan's RARITIES and UNIFORMS, the latter for 98 points. Peter's other win was against Helen Flores, 428-289.

3rd Charles Reinke ended at 2-1 +325, averaging a not-quite-as-good-as-his-brother 461 points per game. The highest individual total of the night was played by Charles against club veteran Richard Lauder, 522-325. Richard upped his flagging phony percentage by getting away with AFTSOON (just EFTSOON with some AFTOSAS mixed in). Meanwhile, Charles stuck to valid words of MINIONS, NITTIEST, and RESIDER. However, not every game was so effortless for Charles; he lost to his brother 395-435 in the third and final round. A high-scoring FATBIRD for 92, as well as UNCIALS (n. UNCIAL, a style of writing) got him close, but Thomas' plays of TRIVIAL, AEOLIAN, and INHERED were too much to handle.

Mark Kenas played the word of the week, CARNAUBA, which is a type of palm tree.

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