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Club Results 11/26

Bryan Benwitz Gives Thanks For Perfect 4-0 Night

1st Bryan Benwitz served up a special Thanksgiving feast of word-powered punishment, going 4-0 +130. He started things off with an extremely tightly-contested 334-333 win over Thomas Reinke, a game in which only two bingos were played: COOLNESS for Thomas, OPALINE for Bryan. Things were not much easier against Gail "Gailstorm" Salm; Bryan had to overcome three bingos from his opponent (JOSTLING, MARINER, and SCARIEST) to edge out the win, 419-392. He did get the high-probability ONERIEST (anagram SEROTINE) to help his cause. These two bingo-deficient performances were offset by a high-scoring victory over Charles Reinke, 498-447. Bryan played four bingos (only three being valid): HEFTIEST, TRASHIER, BODICES, and UNLODGED. Charles got down three of his own: TRAILED, CLAIMANT (anagram CALAMINT) and ERINGOS.

2nd Charles Reinke finished 3-1 +495 and was also undisputed bingo king with thirteen such plays. He displayed an uncharacteristic lack of Midwestern hospitality when he blew out the visiting David Weiss by a score of 477-273. Everything went right for Charles that game, as he held his opposition bingoless while hoarding all the bingoey tiles for himself: ATROPINE, SILVERS, MANACLES, and GLAIRES were his bingo plays that game. Not content with just one drubbing, another four-bingo beatdown was in store for Lynda Finn: bingos of DERISIVE, TRAINED, SEAGULL, and TINKERS were deployed to secure a 528-326 victory.

3rd Helen Flores snuck into third place by just 13 spread points, going 3-1 +65. Her biggest victory came against June Scott, 406-254. A hefty bingo of CHEQUERS for 86 points helped put that game away. Her other wins weren't as high scoring, but still granted Helen some valuable checkmarks in the "W" column: 363-334 vs. Gail Salm (playing GARDENED) and 355-331 vs. Richard Lauder (playing GREASED). Charles Reinke proved to be the only one who could prevent Helen from going undefeated, with that game ending 454-314.

We welcome David Weiss back to our club after a who-knows-how-many-years-long absence. He stepped up to the plate with a 3-1 performance, including a win over current club leader Thomas Reinke, 429-425. David will soon have to return to Albuquerque, and thus, his winning percentage this year will likely remain at a respectable 75%.

Richard Lauder won bingo-of-the-week voting in a landslide, playing BEAUCOUP against Lynda Finn and later extending it to BEAUCOUPS.

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