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Club Results 12/3

Bryan Benwitz' Streak Now At Eight After Second Consecutive Undefeated Night

1st Bryan Benwitz unleashed a performance somehow more dominant than last week's, going 4-0 +454 and averaging 440 points per game. There was little in the way of "mercy" or "sympathy" displayed when Bryan faced off against Thomas Reinke, with a final score of 438-325. Thomas did not manage to bingo, while Bryan had three for himself: ENVIABLE, FOMENTER, and the 104-point EJECTION. Bryan turned it into a family affair by proceeding to dispatch Charles Reinke, 413-377. Bingos of ULTRARED and PREVISED prevailed over Charles' INCENSED and DELETION. Bryan's longest-ever winning streak is nine games, done back in late 2013, so he just needs one more win to tie that mark, or two to break it and also become a five-dollar target.

2nd Andy Bohnsack went 4-1 +212, showing that no rust had built up after a month-long absence. He scored well in every game save the one he lost, a 305-479 contest against Thomas Reinke that could only be accurately described as a "demolition". Andy did not bingo while letting his opponent have four: ERISTIC, ANOXEMIA, KERNITES, and ABRUPTER. However, Andy ran wild in his other four games, negating the effects of that one loss. Twice he held his opponents to under 300 points: he beat Leslie Seltzer 440-292 and Lynda Finn 422-298. In both games he got two bingos: FINIALS and GRIEVOUS against Lynda, LABRETS and word-of-the-week VERMUTHS against Leslie.

3rd Aaron Bader stayed for four games despite his tiredness, and is glad he did, as he finished at 3-1 +303. Like Andy, he successfully prevented two of his opponents (victims?) from reaching the 300-point mark. First, he defeated Barb Besadny 457-252 with the aid of his bingos KERNITE and SYNODIC, the latter for 102 points. Then, he took down Dave Gilligan 382-265 despite both players getting one bingo: FOUETTES for Aaron, HORNIER for Dave. Charles Reinke successfully stopped Wisconsin's second-most-popular Aaron, defeating him 448-425. The C-Twin won the bingo battle by playing three bingos of ERRANTS, EPILEPSY, and NICOISE; Aaron had SEAROBIN and the fun SHITTIM, which is a type of wood.

Sue Goldstein's Win Streak is Just One Game, But that's Better than Zero

1st Sue Goldstein finished at 2-1 with an anomalous -94 spread. Her negative cume was courtesy of Bryan Benwitz, to whom she lost 297-469. Both her wins came against June Scott, including a 347-276 romp.

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