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Club Results 1/14

Lynda Finn Takes Month Off, Probably Learned Whole Dictionary In That Time

1st Lynda Finn won four relatively close games to finish 4-0 +126, her first undefeated performance since March of last year. Mary Becker nearly changed all of that, with only five points separating her losing 396 and Lynda's winning 401. Mary played PACTION to Lynda's OBVIATE. The bingo train began to roll in earnest when Lynda matched up against Richard Lauder for a high-scoring 464-404 victory. Richard's three-bingo assault of REAGINS, DRUTHERS, and CRISPING was offset by a similar assault from the other side of the board; Lynda played DESTINY, PIONEERS, and EGALITE. One could say that it was destiny which led her to beat club leader Thomas Reinke in the final game, 392-350.

2nd Andy Bohnsack overcame a rough initial game to finish in second at 3-1 +354. That opening round loss against Charles Reinke, 438-241, was Andy's worst game since we started keeping track in 2011, but Andy proved himself a resilient competitor (with a short memory to boot) by winning the next one 542-304 against Barb Besadny. Four bingos found their way from rack to board: SENARII (n. SENARIUS, a Latin verse of six metrical feet), ROUTINES, SUNLIKE, and STEADILY. Only two bingos were on hand against Helen Flores, but Andy did not find himself too inconvenienced, and won by a score of 436-276 on the back of TAILORED and SOLVATE.

3rd Thomas Reinke looked to be headed for another first-place finish after three games, but lost the last one against Lynda Finn to end up at 3-1 +324. For the seventh straight game, he beat his brother Charles, this time with a final tally of 453-389. The bingos to be found on the board afterwards were somewhat uninteresting, with Charles finding SIENITE and Thomas unloading ENTHRAL, LENITED, and DUSTRAG, the last one being an out-bingo to win the game. A match against Susan Vergeront needed no such endgame heroics, with a final of 473-265. Susan had ATTUNED; Thomas played ISOLATED and TELAMON (n. a male figure used as a supporting column, plural TELAMONES).

Bryan Benwitz and Peter Schmiedicke also went 3-1 but failed to place due to inferior spreads. Because +311 +244 respectively are "inferior." Bryan enjoyed his second ever five-bingo game at club, beating Charles Reinke 543-408. His bingos were (deep breath) STATION, PRETTIER (anagram PRETERIT), METERING, LOUVERED, and DILLIES. Charles hoodwinked everybody with his nine-letter phony RATTINESS (TARTINESS was available, STRAITENS and RESISTANT are the anagrams) but was otherwise fully stymied.

Barb Besadny played JONESES for 85 and was rewarded with Bingo of the Week for her troubles.

Sue Goldstein Arrives Late, Departs Victorious

1st Sue Goldstein played three games against June Scott and won two of them for a 2-1 +141 night. Most of that spread was gained in the first game, when she clobbered her opponent 342-228, a score which included REBOUND for 72 points.

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