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Club Results 2/25

Andy Bohnsack Doesn't Even Care About Snow

1st Andy Bohnsack took the frustration from his opening round loss against Aaron Bader, combined it with the simmering anger that has been building up over the course of his entire life, and unleashed to win his next three games, thus finishing 3-1 +298. Much of his fury was directed towards Thomas Reinke, with Andy meticulously dismantling his opponent 506-368. Thomas was able to get two nice finds of PANCREAS and FETERITA, but Andy had a response for every move made by Thomas, playing CALDERAS, FUNGOES, ANODISE (new word alert!) and SEIGNOIR (SEIGNIOR and PEIGNOIR are good). Helen Flores fared little better; Andy prevailed 453-301 in that contest, despite Helen's bingo of ERASABLE. Andy was able to get two low-scoring bingos for himself, ENTAILED (60) and SOOTIEST (58).

2nd Peter Schmiedicke fell short of first place by just 21 spread points, going 3-1 +277. It was none other than Andy himself who gave Peter his only loss, a 430-360 defeat. Peter's lone bingo of TRAMELS just couldn't keep up with the barrage from his opponent: SLICKED, POSTERN, and HAVERING. Peter's fortunes were drastically different during his game against Susan Vergeront; his score of 559 was the highest of the night, and he was able to get down four bingos: STANDER, IODIDES, ETAMINES, and ESTANCIA. Susan played CAPTURED, but was unable to capture victory.

3rd Charles Reinke's 3-1 +244 record slotted him comfortably in third place. His closest win came against Aaron Bader, 433-390. He proved the accuracy of the adage "more bingos = more wins" by playing three bingos (BRISANT, GIVEABLE, and OVERTAME) to Aaron's two (DIPTERAN and VIEWINGS). Peter Schmiedicke did not find himself at a bingo disadvantage when he matched up against Charles, and thus came away with a 457-396 win. His 101-point JAGGIEST certainly helped a lot, as it withstood Charles' 86-point JAVELINA (a hoofed mammal also called a PECCARY).

Of note was Dave Gilligan's 474-472 win against Thomas Reinke. Both players had three bingos in what would turn out to be Thomas' second-highest-scoring loss ever. His nine-letter, 101-point double-double INDIGENES was chosen of word of the week. We had three new bingos played: ANODISE (Andy), TAJINES (Aaron), and STEAMIES (Gail).

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