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Club Results 3/4

Aaron Bader Crushes Shortened Club Session

1st Aaron Bader, freed from the obligation of playing a fourth game through an impenetrable haze of fatigue, swept all his games for a 3-0 +351 finish. He got three bingos (BEERNUTS (new), ANODISE (also new!), and LATTICED) in a 478-342 win over Susan Vergeront. Another bingo trio was unleashed during a game against Barb Besadny that ended 493-302 in Aaron's favor. The three in that game were RECITED, YESTERN, and DERIVES. All good things must come to an end, however, and Aaron was only able to play two bingos (RIGADOON, LAZURITE) when he defeated Andy Bohnsack by a relatively small margin, 430-306. Andy's own GRAVIDAE and TARDIEST couldn't make up enough points to pull out the win.

2nd Peter Schmiedicke went 3-0 +226 and enjoyed the feeling of not having to play a fourth game to defend his undefeated record. He started things off on a high note by beating club leader Thomas Reinke 389-343, finding the high-scoring DITCHERS (101 points) and the low-scoring ETESIANS (58). Thomas played VEGETAL but was unable to break the 350 mark, a feat he accomplishes in over 90% of his games. Against Leslie Seltzer, Peter upped his point output, scoring 428 to Leslie's 290. There, Peter was able to play EASTERN, AIDLESS, and APOCRINE.

3rd Andy Bohnsack came in third but was owner of the largest spread, going 2-1 +365. He forced Charles Reinke into his seventh-lowest scoring game of the modern era (i.e. since we instituted the new stats system), scoring 430 to Charles' lowly 314. Andy played the new word AIRBASE, as well as not-new words FEEDBAGS and STENCILS. This 116-point victory did not sate the twisted desires of Andy's deranged mind, so he went into the next game against Betty Hasselkus and ran away with it, 559-286. Four bingos could be found on that board, all of them Andy's: TALLEST, OUTRIDES, ENTICERS, and BLISTER.

In other news, Thomas Reinke scored exactly 600 against Helen Flores for this year's second 600+ game (Aaron scored 631 earlier in the year).

Charles' FRUMENTY was chosen as word of the week. It can also be spelled FROMENTY, FURMENTY, FURMETY, and FURMITY. It is apparently a type of porridge.

New bingos this week were BEERNUTS (Aaron), ANODISE (Aaron), AIRBASE (Andy), PACINGS (June), and TRANNIE (Gail).

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