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Club Results 3/18

Andy Bohnsack: "If Only Scrabble Could be This Fun All the Time"

1st Andy Bohnsack lengthened his winning streak to seven with a perfect 4-0 +362 outing. The "1000-point combined score" was in reach against Thomas Reinke, but their combined effort fell short in a 539-457 win for Andy. Thomas had the cool find of BIVOUACS (and the less cool TURNINGS), but Andy had four bingos of his own: GOODIES, IRONWARE, AERATION, and the "I can't have made this up so it must be good" GOETHITE (also GOTHITE). The bingo spigot continued to flow unabated as Andy played PAINING, BAILERS, and GENITORS while handing Betty Hasselkus her only loss, 458-351. Betty contributed RESITED to the bingoing effort. Still more bingos were on hand against Barb Besadny: INLAYING, NAUSEATE, and PEATIER. Andy's winning score of 396 was his lowest of the evening.

2nd Charles Reinke continued to gain ground on first place in the club standings, going 3-1 +297. He squeaked out a close, low-scoring win against Aaron Bader, 384-367, a game where each player only got one bingo: LANDAUS (n. LANDAU, a type of carriage) for Charles, CHIRRING for Aaron. Charles' bout against Susan Vergeront was anything but close, with Charles barely missing the 600-point barrier: 599-293 was the final score. Five bingos were on tap for the C-Twin: CATENARY, ETAMINE, DISAGREE, LADDIES, and the word-of-the-week nine-letter ESTUARINE. Andy Bohnsack decided smartly to not allow Charles that amount of bingos, and in doing so, gave Charles his only loss, 358-449. Charles was limited to SEDIMENT (new anagram: DEMENTIS); Andy had OUTLAWED and ENSLAVER.

3rd Peter Schmiedicke missed out on a higher spot by thirty spread points, finishing 3-1 +267. His singular loss was against the very person who beat him in the session standings, Charles Reinke. That game ended at 384-449, with just RESINED going down for Peter (Charles had TILBURY and SAPREMIA). The negative spread resulting from that game was made back, and then some, when Peter defeated Mary Becker 487-273. He found TEATIMES, IGNITERS, and TINEIDS appear on his rack at opportune times. Another three bingos materialized in front of him when he matched up against Gail Salm; AGROUND, EMULATE, and TEARILY led him to a 477-384 victory.

Both Betty Hasselkus and Gail Salm also finished 3-1. Only one new bingo was played this week, Aaron's DEHAIRED against Dave Gilligan.

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