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Club Results 3/25

Charles "Winwraith" Reinke Throws All Opponents into Mount Doom

1st Charles Reinke unleashed a devastating scoring assault over the course of his four games, winning them all with a total spread of 565 and averaging 490 per game. This makes him winner of thirteen of his last fifteen contests. Much of his wrath was reserved for Peter Schmiedicke, wrath that was delivered in the form of a 541-369 final score. Peter managed to console himself with a bingo of GARDENER, but that consolation was short-lived as Charles deposited four bingos onto the board: ASTHENIC, COSTLIER, ROBUSTA, and word-of-the-week FAUTEUIL, a type of chair. Somehow dissatisfied with the amount of anger he had unfairly directed towards his opponents, Charles went on to defeat Gail Salm 502-291. Gail struck with STRUDEL and PIERCING, but Charles lashed back with AENEOUS (adj. bronze-colored), SQUANDER, and DELATES. The night came to a close with a closer, but not all that close, 446-343 win over Chris Vergeront.

2nd Aaron Bader also had four wins, but his bonus fifth game turned out to be a loss, resulting in a final record of 4-1 +424. Fittingly, that loss was against first-place finisher Charles Reinke, 392-471. Aaron played SHEBEAN (anagram BANSHEE) but was turned away by Charles' ENGINES and triple-triple RATANIES for 122 points. The rest of Aaron's games went smoothly enough, with the smoothest by far being a 540-282 romp over Mary Becker. Despite playing in a two-on-one, Aaron found bingos of CELESTAS and SPAWNING, the latter for 106 points. That mark of 540 points, while lofty, would eventually be eclipsed when he crushed Andy Bohnsack, 574-410. Andy valiantly tried to stay in the game with his finds of TELECOM and DIAGONAL, but Aaron's quad-bingo assault of CAMELEER, REBODIES, LEDGIER, and FANTOOSH (Collins dictionary only) was just too much to overcome.

3rd Thomas Reinke enjoyed a 3-1 +408 performance, but would have enjoyed it more with just one more victory. He graciously welcomed back club director Richard Lauder, having just returned that day from warmer climes, by losing 366-409. Thomas played CURIOSA, but Richard was not to be denied, doublng Thomas' bingo output with his own plays of DEPRIVE and LISENTE. That was the first game, and Thomas would up his bingo count by one in each game. In the third round, Thomas defeated Peter Schmiedicke 435-393 on the back of this bingo-bango-bongo of EXERTION, AERATION, and GREATEN. Peter got down AREOLAS and SIDEARM to make it close. Betty Hasselkus did not enjoy the luxury of a close game, with her game against Thomas ending 586-266 for the largest single margin of the night. The bingo well flowed without inhibition for Thomas, as he got EXILIAN, HOTELIER, EDITION, and FORMATS to build up his huge score.

Again, only one new bingo was played this week, Gail's OATIEST.

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