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Club Results 4/1

For April Fools Day, Andy Bohnsack Fools People Into Thinking They Can Beat Him

1st Andy Bohnsack uncorked a masterful 4-1 +649 performance to attain the first spot in the weekly writeup. At the end of the first round, his record sat at 2-0 +567, so while his scores were rather pedestrian the rest of the way, it didn't even matter. Against Barb Besadny, Andy let loose with five bingos: OUTRIVAL, DERATES, LAICISES, ASTONIED, and REFILING. This torrent of bingos led Andy to a 520-276 win. That large margin would be made even greater against Michael Siebers, who lost to andy 215-538. At least in that game, Andy took it easy on the bingoing, only getting STAMPED and ENGAGED. Andy's sole loss of the evening was courtesy of Lynda Finn, whose suffocating defense resulted in a low-scoring 377-311 final.

2nd Richard Lauder also went 4-1, but his impressive spread of +546 was not impressive enough to beat out Andy for first place. Like Andy, Richard found success in playing two players at once, beating June Scott 500-230 and Betty Hasselkus 477-312. A game versus Lynda Finn was more tightly-contested, with Richard barely escaping with his life, 376-375. The two combatants exchanged bingos; INFARES for Lynda, DURATIVE for Richard. Nobody save Charles Reinke had the answer for beating Richard, and Charles isn't telling his secrets; they must be good secrets, though, because Charles won 442-396 despite letting Richard's phony GRINGOES slip by.

3rd Aaron Bader escaped while the going was good, finishing 3-0 +83. He anti-Reinked himself by defeating both Reinke twins, this time in sequence. Three bingos were in order for a 430-407 victory over Thomas: EROTICA, UNHARMED, and ALIENERS. Thomas played BILIOUS and the new word DARNEST (anagram of STANDER). Charles fared even worse, losing 379-427. His ETESIAN and UNEASES were outmuscled by Aaron's FAGOTERS and NONIDEAL. Aaron finished up his abbreviated club session with a high-flying 453-441 triumph over the formidable Bryan Benwitz. Bryan got down TORSADE and the Scrabble-appropriate OUTSPELL, but was outspelled by Aaron's three bingos: BALMIER, DACITES, and ACHIOTE.

Lynda's DEIONISE was chosen as word of the week. It was one of several new words that were played: DARNEST (Thomas), GAITERED (Gail), and TENNESI (Bryan) were the others.

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