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Club Results 4/8

Thomas Reinke is Running Out of Victory Cigars

1st Thomas Reinke swept through all four of his opponents like a raging whirlwind (wordwind?), going 4-0 +327 and averaging 461 points per game. He got his big score out of the way quick by dismantling Andy Bohnsack in a lopsided 536-324 affair. Despite the large gulf between their scores, both players found two bingos: EGALITES and NARRATED for Andy, COARSEN and SEICHES for Thomas. Bryan Benwitz put up considerably more of a fight against Thomas, but the best he could muster was a high-scoring six-point loss, 466-472. This falls one point shy of Bryan's highest-scoring loss ever, an eerily similar 467-472 game against the same opponent just two months prior [cue spooky music]. Bryan got INCLINE, TIRELESS, and BRASILS, but was outdone by Thomas' four bingos of REROUTE, TETANAL, MOMENTO, and the phony GROVERS. To finish up the night, Thomas defeated another one of the club's top players, Aaron Bader, by a score of 434-376. Aaron found the cool ESTOPPEL but, at only sixty points, it could not stand up to Thomas' DECADENT, PALEWISE, and NITERIES.

2nd Peter Schmiedicke, like Thomas above him, played a tough lineup of opponents, and should be happy with his 3-1 +293 outcome. He defeated Richard Lauder by nearly a hundred points, 428-330, but the sanctity of the victory was desecrated by Peter's phony of SCLERID (CLERIDS and SCLEROID are good). Peter also found POITREL in that game, while Richard had a pair of 63-point bingos, CORNIEST and SIDEWAYS. Andy Bohnsack, who seemingly couldn't catch a break, found himself losing to Peter by more than a hundred, 331-445. Andy found KERATOSE (one of the highest-probability eight-letter words with a K in it); Peter had MORTISE and DOMAINE as his bingos. His loss came against Bryan Benwitz in a very close game, 419-425. Bryan had the related words of AIRLINES and AVIATED; Peter's two bingos of TREACLES and SEETHING could only be related by the sickest of minds.

3rd Charles Reinke also went 3-1 with a smaller +259 spread. His evening started off badly with a 320-407 loss to Peter Schmiedicke; thus, it is fitting that Peter ended up above him in the standings. Peter only bingoed once, with IRRITANT, but was able to hold on for the win despite Charles' OILIEST and CARIOCAS. Susan Vergeront put the fear of god into Charles as she played a close game with him, 392-415. FOLIAGE and HOISTING were Susan's bingos; Charles got down SURMISES and COTENANT. Richard Lauder was not given the benefit of such a tight game; his match against Charles ended at a 343-507 score. ANESTRI and THEOREM were Richard's bingos; YARDAGE, VIRIDIAN, and the low-probability SUCCOUR were Charles' rebuttals.

No new bingos were played this week. Lynda's nice play of LATAKIAS (n. LATAKIA, a type of Turkish tobacco) was Word of the Week.

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