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Club Results 4/29

Andy Bohnsack Discovers the Joys of Winning

1st Andy Bohnsack finished atop the weekly standings thanks to his 4-0 +157 performance, beating some very formidable opponents along the way. He got his biggest game out of the way quickly, a 478-321 first-round drubbing of Charles Reinke. Charles's sole bingo was also a phony, SARIOUS (this is the second time Charles has gotten away with this "word"; SOUARIS is the word in that rack), but Andy had no reason to challenge as he had built up a comfortable advantage with his bingos of RECLINER, TIERCES, and REUSING. Continuing the theme of repeat phonies, Andy played the phony JADEITIC in the course of his 436-359 victory over Peter Schmiedicke, the second time that Andy has slipped that particular misspelling past his opponent (JADITIC is the true adjectival form of JADEITE). Andy was able to take part in a game with no phony bingos when he beat Gail Salm in a high-scoring contest, 431-411. Gail's WAISTED and PIROGEN, along with Andy's CITTERNS, AERIEST, and TRENDIER were all perfectly valid words.

2nd Aaron Bader averaged a session-leading 443 points per game and ended his night at 3-1 +420 [marijuana joke goes here]. He, too, was a phonying phonier, playing UNSLOWED to contribute unjustly to his win against Thomas Reinke, 419-334. To atone, Aaron also played the Word of the Week ANORTHITE in the same game. Thomas played EMOTION for not nearly as many style points. Against Barb Besadny, Aaron pulled out all the stops, resulting in a 552-268 final score that didn't even qualify as the highest score of the night (Peter Schmiedicke scored 558 in one of his games). Aaron's bingos (DISPOSER, ENDPLATE, and RUCOLAS) were supplemented by a generous helping of power-tile bombs that combined to create his ridiculous final total. First-place finisher Andy Bohnsack was the proud supplier of Aaron's only loss, with their game ending at an oddly low score of 348-389.

3rd Thomas Reinke also went 3-1, but his miniscule spread of +36 was much lower than Aaron's; thus, he is relegated to the bottom of the writeup. In the clash of the brothers, Thomas defeated his twin Charles by just one point, 404-403. Thomas played DEHISCE for nearly 100 points (actually just 99); Charles got down BERIMES and LEOTARD. Outbingoed again by Bryan Benwitz, Thomas managed to win again, 442-414. Bryan's JOINDERS, CHORTENS, and SCARRING could not prevail against Thomas' RELOCATE and GROSSING. Abiding by the old adage "save the best for last", Thomas' highest-scoring game came in the last round when he defeated Richard Lauder 482-390. Richard scored himself some triple-triple money with his play of HOARIEST for 122 points, but Thomas was not undone by this high-scoring play, and ended up with three bingos of his own: RESTART, LASERING, and SAPIENCE.

We also welcomed back Steve Busalacchi after a decade-long (or more) hiatus. He did win one game in his return, 401-285 against Helen Flores.

Just two bingos from the new dictionary were played this week: RUCOLAS (Aaron) and LASERING (Thomas).

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