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Club Results 6/10

Lynda Finn Perfectly Embodies "The Finnisher" Nickname

1st Lynda Finn enjoyed her second undefeated performance of the year, going 4-0 +169. None of her wins were blowouts, but you can't argue with the results. Lynda started the ball rolling with a 411-358 win against Helen Flores, playing STOTINS (n. STOTIN, a former monetary unit of Serbia which also pluralizes STOTINOV) and REDLINER along the way. That two-bingo precedent would not be disrupted the rest of the night. She then snapped a year-long drought against Charles Reinke, scoring 402 to his 371 and unleashing three bingos: REVISIT, TWEENIE, and ELOIGNER. Charles got down ASPIRATA to maintain at least some of his shredded dignity. Another three-bingo assault was set forth upon Bryan Benwitz, and the result was similar, a 442-385 victory for Lynda. Bryan played SORPTION and the phony CRENATES (only CRENATE and CRENATED are good), but was effortlessly sent back by Lynda's ORIGINAL, FOLIAGE, and TESSERA.

2nd Charles Reinke continued to gain on his brother in the yearly standings, finishing 3-1 +285. His closest victory came against the wizened veteran Richard Lauder, 426-388. Richard played the Word of the Week, MUSTACHE, as well as NIGGLIER in his losing effort. Meanwhile, Charles found ANEMOSIS (n. separation of growth rings in a tree due to wind) and RATTRAP. Gail Salm would not come as close to victory, with Charles breezing through that matchup 467-299. FANNERS was Gail's attempt to stay competitive, but it was not enough, as Charles had three bingos of his own: TRENDIER, GROOVES, and RETREADS. In the final game of the night, Charles made a small amount of progress on erasing the win deficit he currently faces against his brother by winning 433-323. Thomas had just EOSINES as he limped towards the finish line, while his brother finished strong with DELETION and GRANITA.

3rd Andy "Mr. B" Bohnsack celebrated the almost-end of the school year by going 3-1 +239 and attaining the highest per-game average of the night at 448. His loss was dealt to him by the coldly calculating Thomas Reinke; even though their bingo output was the same (STROPHE and SENORITA for Thomas, YEARLIES and RADULAS for Andy), Thomas ran away with it, 494-340. The rest of Andy's games all featured 100+ margins in the other direction. One of those games was a 467-323 drubbing of Leslie Seltzer, wherein Andy played AVULSION and STRINGED. Andy then got one of only two 500-point games of the evening by defeating Dave Gilligan by a score of 518-393. Dave played TRUDGED as his only bingo; Andy had IRRITATE, QUAILING, and TELLERS.

All Shall Tremble in Fear of Steve Busalacchi

1st Steve Busalacchi finished at 2-1 +68. He defeated Sue Goldstein in a very low-scoring bout, 303-280. Things improved considerably when he matched up against Susan Vergeront, whom he defeated 341-284. His bingo of HOGTIES for 77 points certainly came in handy in that one. Dave Gilligan was the one to hand Steve his only loss, another low-scoring affair that ended at 289-301.

Just two new bingos were played: TWEENIE (Lynda) and EPATERS (Thomas). Recently relocated Floridian Dennis Lloyd made his first of hopefully many appearances at our club, and proved he belongs with a 3-1 +52 record.

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