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Club Results 10/14

Peter Schmiedicke Throws a Bingo Party and You're Not Invited

1st Peter Schmiedicke averaged a nifty 460 points per game in going 3-1 +379. His twelve bingos on the night easily gave him the Bingo King crown, but he did have to endure some lean racks to get to that point: his 349-426 loss to Helen Flores saw him get only one bingo, DELICATE. Meanwhile, Helen played AGITATED and word of the week RUINOUS to score her third straight win against this particular opponent. All of Peter's games after that point were blowouts in his favor, starting with a 464-337 win over Thomas Reinke. Thomas was held to just one bingo, LANGUORS, while Peter took advantage with three of his own, CODLING, ANLACES, and HERNIATE. Peter completed the Reinke sweep by defeating Charles Reinke 505-378 (the same 127-point margin as before...hmm...). This go-round, Peter upped his bingo total to four by playing TROTTER, PAISLEY, ENROOTS, and SECEDING. Charles got TUMESCE (v. to become swollen) to restore a small measure of his manhood.

2nd Bryan Benwitz also went 3-1, with a slightly inferior +317 spread. Much of that spread total came from a 499-335 walloping of Charles Reinke. In that one, Bryan found LADRONE, BRAISING, SOFTIES (n. SOFTIE, something Bryan isn't); Charles had DRYSUIT as his sole bingo. Another walloping of even greater magnitude was reserved for Richard Lauder, whom Bryan downed 452-246. Only one bingo found its way onto the board, Bryan's DIGLOTS (n. DIGLOT, a bilingual book). Not every game was so easy, however. Bryan found Helen Flores to be a very formidable opponent, and won by a considerably smaller margin, 421-387. Helen got down the monster QUIETEN for 107 points, but was outdone by Bryan's TORSADE (70) and LEPTONIC (80).

3rd Andy Bohnsack rounded out a Reinkeless top three with a 3-1 +79 record. He flaunted his knowledge of high-probability bingos in a game against Barb Besadny, getting down COARSEN, ATONIES, and SORBENT in a 461-297 victory. He also played the role of "dream crusher" by handing Bryan Benwitz his only loss, gift-wrapped and with a ribbon on top, 438-351. Both players had two bingos, with Andy getting down RUNNIEST and OUTMOVED to Bryan's ROSTERS and DEWIEST. However, in the game for all the marbles, Andy was the one having his dreams crushed when he collided with the brick wall of Peter Schmiedicke. Peter displayed absolutely no inclination towards normal human concepts such as mercy and generosity as he dismantled Andy by a score of 523-321. By Peter's decree, Andy was not permitted to bingo, while Peter himself was allowed to play REUNIFY, TEREDOS, AIRBASE, and EDITION.

Two new words were played this week: DRYSUIT (Charles) and AIRBASE (Peter).

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