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Club Results 10/28

Charles Reinke Does Charles Reinke Things

1st Charles Reinke averaged 462 points per game en route to a 4-0 +581 record. He got revenge on Bryan Benwitz, who had defeated him in their previous two matchups, by scoring a decisive victory, 441-313. Bryan played MOURNERS, but Charles' pair of high-scoring bingos (STIPELS for 85, ADVISER for 92) was simply too much firepower. Less firepower was on display against Dave Gilligan, as only one bingo was played between the two players (Charles' RAISINY), but it was still a landslide win for Charles, 467-230. Charles neatly concluded his undefeated night with a 506-377 triumph over Peter Schmiedicke. Despite the large score disparity, the final bingo count in that game was tied at two apiece: SCANNER and RETIEING for Peter, UPTOWNS and RAMEKINS for Charles.

2nd Andy Bohnsack played just three rounds, but thanks to a 2-v-1 game in the first round, he got in a full slate of four games, going 3-1 +312. That two-on-one matchup proved fruitful for Andy, as he emerged from the fray with a 2-0 +327 record. A 414-342 win over Helen Flores was pretty good, but a 492-237 drubbing of Barb Besadny was even better. The latter saw Andy play a trio of eights: CRUSTING, REGAINER, and INWEAVES. His third win came against Thomas Reinke, who succumbed to the Bonestorm, 479-407. Thomas had a nice find of MULETEER (n. a person who drives mules), but Andy got down LUMBERED (which he later tried, and failed, to extend to PLUMBERED), BEASTIE, and FORGIVEN. A 346-433 encounter against the other twin was Andy's only loss of the evening.

3rd Dave Gilligan built on his success last week with a 3-1 -50 outing this week. He is now the winner of five of his last six. Peter Schmiedicke has now lost two in a row to Dave, the most recent being a 439-360 affair that saw Dave get three bingos: DAFFIER, MOTHIEST, and word-of-the-week PREBENDS. A PREBEND is a benefice held by a prebendary; it does not mean "to bend beforehand." Meanwhile, Peter could "only" muster THIAMINE in his losing effort. Later in the night, Dave notched a second upset win when he took down Thomas Reinke 389-383. Dave again outbingoed his opponent, playing HALOIDS and HEALERS to Thomas' NEOLITHS. The aforementioned loss against Charles Reinke pushed Dave's spread into the negatives, but, thankfully for Dave, there were no other 3-1s to challenge the third place spot!

The only new word played this week was Gail's GROVIER.

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