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Club Results 11/25

Thomas Reinke Thankful For Good Tiles

1st Thomas Reinke celebrated Thanksgiving Eve by consistently outscoring his opponents, thus leading to a perfect 4-0 +218 record. He notched two victories in which he failed to score 400 points, a comparatively rare feat for accustomed scoring in large amounts. He held Bryan Benwitz bingoless while winning 379-325; bingos of LIBATION and VASCULAR were played by the winning side. Andy Bohnsack, meanwhile, was limited to a sole bingo PRESSED as Thomas took him down 381-330. That game saw Thomas play AGONISED and word of the week DOUPIONI (a type of silk). Thomas' highest scoring game came against Richard Lauder, whom he beat 487-432. This was the only game where his opponent won the bingo battle; Richard had DORMIENT, HALITES, and PULICENE (adj. pertaining to fleas) to Thomas' DISTANCE (eschewing the new anagram DANCIEST) and GODHEADS.

2nd Charles Reinke had a session-leading 479 per-game average, finishing at 3-1 +419. Fortune was quick to smile upon Charles as he roundly trounced his first round opponent, Aaron Bader, by a score of 539-349. Aaron had just one bingo of INTONER, while Charles was blessed with four of them: RETAPING, REOVIRUS, LEALTIES, and VAMOSES. A game against Andy Bohnsack was likewise a very lopsided affair, with Charles winning 512-292 thanks to bingos of BRISANCE, SORDINI, and GAITERS. Charles' one loss came against Thomas Reinke, who defeated him 478-420. Both players had two valid bingos (RANCHING and ARTIGIS for Charles versus APIARIAN and ACIDOSES for Thomas), with the victor tacking on a phony bingo of SEARNESS for good measure.

3rd Aaron Bader fared decently despite not playing in his preferred dictionary, going 3-1 +229. After his first-round loss against Charles Reinke, every other game saw his score eclipse the 450-point mark. Richard Lauder took the most serious beating, losing by 166 points, 342-508. STEADILY and ANISOLE were Richard's bingos, but Aaron one-upped him with OUTRACED, BUTANES, and VERATRIA. A 165-point victory over Betty Hasselkus was just as dominant, with Aaron holding a bingo monopoly in his iron grip, playing NAUSEATE, SKIDDING, and a 126-point SEXTETS.

New bingos this week were limited to two: Charles' ARTIGIS and Gail's OATIEST.

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