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Club Results 12/30

Charles Reinke Says Goodbye to 2015 With Another Loss-Free Excursion

1st Charles Reinke recovered from the recent interruption of his last winning streak to begin work on a new one, going 4-0 +376 and averaging 473 per game in the process. His biggest success came against Helen Flores, where he won 527-342. Helen got down ERASURE as her only bingo, while Charles had a pair of high-scoring bingos in TRAGICAL (94) and AVIDITY (92). Bingo fortunes would be more favorable for both players when Charles narrowly defeated his brother in a high-scoring contest, 494-481. The victorious twin had a quartet of seven-letter bingos to seal the deal: EMETINE, RESTERS, AMORINO, and SWEATER. Meanwhile, the non-victorious twin had RASHLIKE, UNTINGED, and word-of-the-week BIGEMINY (n. a type of heart arhythmia).

2nd Thomas Reinke finished at 3-1 +468, with only a loss to his brother marring an outstanding performance wherein he averaged 495 per game. He started the night off with a bang by defeating the soon-to-depart-for-warmer-climes Richard Lauder 524-361. Richard deployed the phony SHELVAGE to try to stay in the game (along with the valid DRAINER), but Thomas one-upped him with three bingos of his own: SENIORS, ALATION, and AZOTURIA (n. an elevated level of nitrogenous compounds in the urine). The tile bag was even more biased towards Thomas when he thoroughly dismantled Mary Becker's winning aspirations, 548-304. In that one, Thomas had FIVE count 'em FIVE bingos: FOOTAGE, INFECTS, INTERNAL, INSNARE, and REMOTES.

3rd Lynda Finn went 3-1 +155 and averaged an impressive 453 per game, almost seventy points above her previous yearly average. Her high game came at Bryan Benwitz' expense, although both players scored above 400 in a 475-406 shootout. Lynda won the bingo battle, with her three bingos (CLOTHES, STUFFER, and ATTORNED) outscoring Bryan's two (STEERAGE and LIGROINS). She only got one bingo (REGAINED) against Richard Lauder, but managed to dominate the matchup anyway, 471-329. This was despite Richard's MONSTERA (n. a genus of flowering plants) and ANODISE. Lynda's run at an undefeated evening sadly ended with a 422-496 encounter with first-place finisher Charles Reinke.

Gail's TAJINES and Richard's ANODISE were the new bingos played this week.

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