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Club Results 1/6

Charles Reinke Says Hello to 2016 With Another Loss-Free Excursion

1st Charles Reinke's reign of Scrabble terror continued uninterrupted into the new year, as he went 4-0 +208. In the first game of the night, Lynda Finn had a promising start in her attempt to dethrone this tyrant, but was stymied in the endgame by Charles' bingo-like play of TEAZLE, and ended up losing 454-479. Remember that TEAZLE, TEAZEL, and TEASEL are words (and verbs), but not TEASLE*. Or don't. Dave Gilligan was next up on Charles' list of "people I want to beat at a board game", and again, Charles barely escaped with a win, 387-369, in part because he accepted the phony RERINSED*. Why would you ever be able to rinse something again? It just makes no sense. Charles attempted to justify his failure to challenge by noting the low amount of points the play scored; he was mocked anyway, much like peasants would mock a king for being so much better than themselves. The string of close games continued as he faced eternal foe Thomas Reinke, earning the win 383-364 in part due to his play of CEILIDHS, pronounced "kay-lees", which is a Gaelic social event. Tired of only winning by 20 or so points, Charles flexed his muscles against Andy Bohnsack, scoring a decisive knockout, 458-312. In that game he played PELLICLE, which was chosen as word of the week, and held Andy bingoless.

2nd Thomas Reinke had a perfect night if you discount his unwinnable game with Charles, going 3-1 +303. His first game, a 486-347 win against Bryan Benwitz, featured the nine-letter HARPOONER, which presumably means something to the effect of "one that harpoons". He followed this up with a 438-407 win versus Gail Salm despite Gail's 83-point play of the ever-useful word STOURIE. After the aforementioned beatdown at the hands of his brother, he rebounded by mercilessly and blatantly phonying against Lynda Finn, with BADGERY*, in his 499-347 win. Lynda attempted to counter the phonying with a few phonies of her own, which were removed from the board quickly, and will not be mentioned by name.

3rd Helen Flores' new year's resolution to win 75% of her games during this calendar year got off to a perfect start as she went 3-1 -67. A bingoless affair with June Scott ended in her favor, 331-325. The bingo counts increased slightly in her next game, against Susan Vergeront, with her playing ROSEOLA and Susan responding with the nice find of TRIAGING. Bryan Benwitz ruined her perfect evening in the next game, selfishly hogging both blanks in order to play JOURNEY with nary an apology. Undaunted, Helen saved her best for last, defeating Gail 389-377, helped along by her almost-a-word play of AMAROSA*. AMOROSO, a type of wine, is probably what she was thinking of, but who am I to say?

Dave's LORNEST was the sole new bingo of the week, if you could even consider it "new" since we have been using the new dictionary for almost a year now.

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