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Club Results 12/7


1st Dennis Liebhaber put in a rare but certainly not quiet appearance as he “sweet talked” his opponents while outscoring them all on his way to a 4-0 +187 record. Dennis’s high game was his opener, a 452-415 battle with Helen Flores. Dennis’s 2nd bingo, the phony DITTOES, help provide the scoring edge he needed to win that game.

2nd Charles Reinke finished in 2nd with 3-1 +217 again this week. Charles drew Chris Vergeront as his opponent in his opening game, and edged out a win with bingoes of CORDIALS and VEALIEST helping him to a 401-331 victory.

3rd Richard Lauder finished 3rd with a 3-1 +91 spread. Richard’s big game was a 516-355 luck-box game in which he played FLIRTING as a 158 triple-triple using Thomas Reinke’s first “L” from Thomas’s own bingo of LORDLIER.


1st Sue Goldstein finished in 1st at 3-1 -79. Sue only loss was a big one cume score wise, as she lost 322-443 in that game. Sue did play NASTIEST as a bingo there…maybe not so much a hidden “message” to her fine opponent, Helen Flores?

2nd Harwinder Dowd finished 2nd with a 1-2 -78 record. Harwinder did break the “phony ice” for the Intermediates when in her second game she got away with UNSOLVE while besting June Scott 365-296. That play of the phony word, UNSOLVE, marked the very 1st phony by an Intermediate this year. Many expert players break the “phony ice” quite frequently…it’s all part of the game for them.

3rd June Scott finished 3rd with a 0-3 -59 record, her nearest loss coming from her 348-403 game with Leslie Seltzer. June played the bingo BEARING in that opening game.

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