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Club Results 2/24

Bryan Benwitz Outwitz His Opposition

1st Bryan Benwitz went 4-0 with an average of 462 to claim the coveted "first paragraph in the writeup" prize. His path to a perfect night was nearly obstructed in the first game, as the pairing gods decided to test his mettle with a matchup against club leader Charles. Bryan perservered, and managed to squeak out a high-scoring 460-456 win thanks in part to his double-U find of URINOUS. In the second game, Helen's duplicate-letter-laden SETTEES was no match for another nice Bryan bingo, BILOBATE (adj. having two lobes). Bryan continued along the path to a perfect night with a win against Mary, 458-322, playing the odd-looking IDONEITY (n. the state of being idoneous (suitable)). Club historians will remember when former club member and noted odd-looking word player John O'Laughlin played that word against this writer, and this writer challenged it and felt like a doofus when it came back acceptable. Bryan's perfect night came to a perfect end against Andy, with him tallying his lowest score of the evening, but still winning, 449-388. And so it was that Bryan, by virtue of being the only undefeated player, earned this first paragraph in the writeup.

2nd Charles Reinke somehow saw his club-leading 80% winning percentage on the year decrease with a vaguely disappointing 3-1 record. The aforementioned close lose to Bryan could have easily sent Charles on a downward spiral culminating in an 0-4 record; however, he pulled himself together to win his next three games to salvage the night. A close contest during the second game this time ended in his favor, 429-420, with his three bingos of LANEWAYS, REALIZED, and VASTIEST overcoming Peter's BELADIES (v. BELADY, to apply the title of lady to), COENURI, and ERGATES. Emboldened by vicotry, he followed up these two tight games with two comfortable wins, 537-331 against Gail and 458-283 against Mary.

3rd Andy Bohnsack overcame his tardiness to go 3-1 +216. A 456-354 first round game against Buffy saw him play OATCAKE (n. probably some sort of ambrosial combination of oatmeal and a pancake), STRIPPER, and GASOLINE. His bingo-cannon continued warming up against Barb, with him playing STEROID and ANISOLES. Fully primed, his bingo-cannon went off, bombarding Thomas in the form of four bingos, OUTREAD, SAXATILE (adj. living among rocks), REDDISH, and ACRIDEST. Though the bulk of its power was used up, his bingo-cannon managed to weakly lob two more bingos in the general direction of Bryan, DISCRETE and BANDITS.

Two new bingos were played this week: LETOUTS by Thomas and LENDINGS by Peter. Mary played the word of the week, DAMASKS.

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