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Club Results 12/14


1st Richard Lauder just edged out Thomas Reinke 404-402 in their final game on his way to a 4-0 +195 top place in the experts. Richard opened that came with APRICOT, playing the easier word instead of the also good alternatives of adjectives of APROTIC or PAROTIC, as he and Thomas dueled their way to the two point difference, advantage Lauder at the end.

2nd Thomas Reinke finished in 2nd with 3-1 +293, starting the night off with a huge 567-421 win vs. his brother Charles. Thomas played bingoes of OVERSHY, SPARTINA, LATINIZE and ROULEAUS in that open salvo filled word game.

3rd Chris Vergeront finished 3rd with his own 3-1 +206 final tally. Chris’s big game was his 520-327 blowout with Karl Armstrong. Chris found and played bingoes of UGLIEST, STAGIER and RENVOIS in his big game.


1st Betty Hasselkus finished in 1st at 4-0 +197. Betty’s high game was her 410-350 win vs. Harwinder Dowd, Betty played SEEMING as a bingo to aid her scoring efforts in that 3rd game of the night.

2nd Harwinder Dowd finished 2nd with 2-1 +113. Harwinder pulled off a tough win, getting 401 points to Aki Miura’s 271 total. Aki normally plays such a tightly controlled board, that it’s very hard to score as high as she did here. Harwinder played the bingo DARLING to nicely help her final total.

3rd Sue Goldstein finished 3nd with 2-2 and an even +100 cume. Her closest loss of the night came when she lost to Aki Miura 313-319 in a game both players completed without a bingo between them.

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