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Club Results 4/13

Charles Reinke Has Win Switch Stuck in "On" Position

1st Charles Reinke lengthened his current winning streak to nine, following up last week's perfect 5-0 record with a still perfect but slightly less perfect 4-0 +314 performance. Just one more win will see him awarded five bucks for winning ten games in a row. Interestingly, if irrelevantly, all four of his opponents ended up with 2-2 records. The first of those opponents was Bryan Benwitz, who lost by a clean hundred, 331-431. Charles landed INTONER and TITHABLE (anagram: HITTABLE) in that game, setting a two-bingos-a-game precedent that would not be deviated from or improved upon. He played ENATION and AVOIDED to fell his brother Thomas, who wielded weaponized words of ARSENOUS and TOOTLES but still lost, 441-434. Dave Gilligan would be the final victim of the night; despite total parity in the bingo count column (COINTERS and OUTRIDE for Dave, EVASION and a nine-letter UNMERITED for Charles), the score was a lopsided 459-321 in Charles' favor.

2nd Peter Schmiedicke, perfect through three games but feigning fatigue in order to avoid playing the fourth game, finished at 3-0 +364. He averaged a slightly-above-average 425 per game but was able to hold his opponents to a stifling 304 per. Both Joe Horowitz and Sue Goldstein were made to feel Peter's inextinguishable fury as he downed both of them with ease, 438-275 versus Joe and 459-264 versus Sue. Neither opponent bingoed, but Peter picked up the slack by bingoing four times in the two games, with ERUCTATE, PETALOID, ABRASIVE, and SNIGLET. A match against Dave Gilligan was significantly more competitive and ended with just a six-point margin, 378-372 for Peter. Dave managed to get down the only bingo played against Peter that night, IMPORTER for 76, but Peter again bingoed twice with SAGGIER and the useful TINWARE (anagram: TAWNIER).

3rd Andy Bohnsack was strangely (for a field of seventeen) the only 3-1 player, so his anemic +51 spread proved irrelevant. He squeaked by Gail Salm, 375-367, which didn't help the spread column much but definitely put a pleasing checkmark in the win column. It was a battle of high-probability bingos: CURATES for Andy, TONIEST and TRAINER for Gail. More bingos fitting that description were unleashed when Andy roughed up Thomas Reinke and got away with it, 439-384. Andy's OUTSEEN and TAENIAS didn't earn him any style points, but a win is a win even in the absence of style points. Meanwhile, Thomas' DONZELS earned a meager amount of style points which were quickly negated by a play of GENITOR. Dennis Lloyd can claim responsibility for Andy's solitary defeat, with a final score of 389-354 proving once again that the person who scores more points will usually win. Andy played MAESTRI and STRIATA to Dennis' ARENOSE and SHALIER. Guess what I have to say about those bingos?

Just one new bingo was played this week, Betty's FEEDINGS.

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