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Club Results 5/4

Andy Played Five Games and Does That Seem Weird To Anybody Else?

1st Andy Bohnsack played five games of the board game called "Scrabble" and won all of them. Wait. five? I thought the Madison club only played four games per night. Huh. His scorecard says that he played two games the first round, and those things are pretty factual... anyway. That mysterious first round resulted in wins over both Joe and Betty, getting the night off to a good start with five combined bingos, including EMERSION (n. basically the opposite of IMMERSION) against Joe. Next up in Andy's docket was Gail, whose nice find of TAJINES (n. a Moroccan earthenware pot, or the food cooked in such a pot) was not enough to overcome Andy's AVOIDER and ATHIRST (adj. thirsty). While those first three wins were pretty good, the real star in Andy's crown was his streak-busting defeat of Thomas, 400-363. For his efforts in ending the 11-game run, he will receive 5 greenish-gray rectangles. Riding high on the wings of victory, Andy then came out on top in a 7-bingo bonanza against Bryan. Bryan played RIFLEMEN, REGICIDE, and MONSTERS, while Andy played FONDANT, HUSKIER, ANTERIOR, and, finally, QUARTER for 104 points. Despite that high-scoring Q play, the Q tile remains one of the worst tiles in the game. Do not be fooled by its false promises of bountiful points!

2nd Lynda Finn also played five games, but unlike Andy,  at least allowed one of her opponents to taste the rich ambrosia of victory, going 4-1 +51. Her night got off to a slow start, as she was held bingoless against Bryan, but she recovered in time to beat both Barb and Susan in round two. Against Susan, she played the bingo of the week, NETIZENS (n. a frequent user of the Internet). For her final act, she achieved the elusive "Double Reinke Perfecto", taking down Charles and then Thomas by a combined 24 points. A rematch of the two games is happening in three weeks and will be available on Pay-Per-View for the low cost of $39.99. Don't miss out as the twins seek revenge!

3rd Charles Reinke amassed a lot of spread, but not enough wins, and ended up in third with his 3-1 +520 record. His first round 399-360 win over Dave was marked by his low-probability find of SHIVAHS (n. a seven-day period of mourning in Judaism). He picked up a bunch of spread against Mary, aided by his plays of FACTORS and KAISERS (n. a German emperor, also KAISERIN, his wife). Though he was defeated by Lynda in the third game, he still found it within himself to play one more game, and, paired against Dennis, he made it count, winning 573-283. If there was a prize for "largest margin of victory", he would have won it, but there isn't, so he doesn't. Sorry. Better luck next time!

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