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Club Results 12/21


1st Richard Lauder opened his night with his year’s highest game, a 596-316 game with Chris Vergeront. He played five bingos, ANISOLE, AVERTER, NUTTIER, TOUGHIES and a very luckily timed MESQUITE (MESQUITE itself tallied 134 points) in that game, on his way to a 4-0 +540 outing.

2nd Thomas Reinke finished in 2nd with his own unblemished 4-0 +210 score card. Thomas’s big game was his 447-404 game with Lynda Finn, his three bingoes MINGIER, DARIOLE and MOANERS trumping Lynda’s sole bingo JADEITE in that game.

3rd Charles Reinke finished 3rd with a 3-1 +36. Charles won a squeaker game 407-393 with Mark Kenas, his sole bingo FAGOTED overcoming Mark’s two bingos of MANIPLE and DOWNIEST. Charles sole loss was to Richard 369-474 as he was held to a single bingo (SOILURE) in that game.


1st Betty Hasselkus finished in 1st at 3-1 +205 and earned a well deserved promotion to the Experts level with her healthy 377 per game average. Betty’s best score was in her 2nd game, a 473-277 win vs. Sue Goldstein. Betty’s bingoes there were JOLLIES and PANTIES.

2nd June Scott finished 2nd with 1-2 +14. June played two bingos (BOVINES, RAISINS) in her second game win vs. Expert Barb Besadny, winning with her high game of the year, a 392-344 final.

3rd Barbara Besadny finished 3nd with 1-3 -48 total. Barbara only had one playable bingo, OUTLINE in her 4 games this night, making it a mostly difficult slog through dozens of unproductive non-bingo racks.

17 scrabble players met at Attic Angels this week... Mary Becker was awarded the $4 prize for the highest “FI” play (in FINITO), Charles Reinke had the lowest N play, while the high IT was given out to Richard Lauder, and the final low O count went to Lynda Finn’s 9 point S play.

The word of the week, CRUMPET, was played by Chris Vergeront. Nice find!

Next week, KANAKA (n, Native Hawaiian, derogatory term) will provide the $4 verbal slights.

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