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Club Results 9/28

Charles Reinke Bingos Fifteen Times; Wins Follow Naturally. Also Bryan Scored 664 so Who Even Cares What Charles Did

1st Charles Reinke averaged 498 points per game and bingoed fifteen times, so, as would be expected with those totals, went 4-and-ought +679. The first of his 500 games was a 523-237 drubbing of the stoic Dave Gilligan (playing BAREFIT, FROSTILY, and AMIDONE). The second of his 500 games, played against Aaron Bader was somehow even more devastating, so devastating, in fact, that no more rounds were played after its conclusion. The 598-293 final score could mostly be attributed to the wide bingo achievement gap between Charles and Aaron: Aaron did not bingo, but did get to watch as Charles played five of them: REGRANTS, FABRICS, EXAMINED (for 113), NITINOLS, and NEGROIDS. Charles displayed a fractionally larger amount of mercy against family member Thomas Reinke, playing just four bingos (PANORAMA, GERMINAL, ISLETED, and FACTOIDS) in a 454-376 victory.

2nd Aaron Bader went 3-1 -175, not having amassed enough spread points in his first three wins to keep his cume in the positives after a spread-obliterating loss in the final round. He also damaged his yearly bingo average by only playing four of them through four games, but three wins is three wins no matter how many bingos you play. Aaron's highest game was a 450-398 win over Richard Lauder. He got plenty of mileage out of his sole bingo (SECTION for 94), enough to trump Richard's three bingos (OPENEST, SOLERET, and EGOCIDAL [ECOCIDAL is good]). He then played another low scoring game against Bryan Benwitz (pro tip: open boards are more fun than closed boards) and won, 362-311. Many style points were acquired when Bryan played the three-P bingo POPPIES, but the style points were unable to be cashed in for real points. Aaron also came into some style points with his nine-letter METALISED, but was forced to relinquish those style points with his high-probability RANDIES.

3rd Peter Schmiedicke returned to the Scrabble ring after a month-ish hiatus and took very little time shaking off the rust, going 3-2 +15. His first game back saw him play three bingos (RESTATE, TALIONS, and CATENOID, all useful words to know) and score 404, but he wasn't able to take down Aaron Bader and his 431, a score which, according to the precepts of integer arithmetic, is larger than 404. Later, he snagged a close victory against Richard Lauder, 428-422, thanks to another trio of bingos: TENTORIA (phonily extended to TENTORIAS; TENTORIAL is the real extension there), PETITION, and AREOLES. He then notched a more comfortable win margin-wise versus Thomas Reinke, playing LEARNED and GLORIAS to Thomas' OVARIOLE and ANODISE. Lesson learned: high-probability bingos are good to know.

Bryan Benwitz gets special mention for scoring 664 against Lynda Finn, whose score is not relevant here. Bryan played bingos of SPINDLE, BINARIES, NITTIER, and EMBAYING, the last of which was a triple-triple for 176 points! 664 is Bryan's personal best, and is also the fourth highest score on the website. Way to go Bryan! Please don't do it again.

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