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Club Results 11/2

ATTENTION: Charles Reinke Let a Phony Two-Letter Word Go By With Nary a "Hold"

1st Charles Reinke showcased the skills that have him ranked as the 24th best Scrabble player in North America, going 5-0 +783 with an average of 481. He also showcased a skill that is not of much use in sanctioned tournament play: the ability to play, and win, two games at once, which he did in the first round against Betty and Sue. He then faced Andy in a game which could be described as a "comedy of errors". Well, one or two errors, anyway. Charles played DOGTAIL with a blank O, which Andy misinterpreted as DIGITAL, leading to a later phony play of XO* by Andy which went unchallenged by Charles. Confused yet? They certainly were! Charles ended up winning 438-417 playing the additional bingos of TAENITE and DEPRIVALS to Andy's WARTIMES and ORALIST. In the third game, he beat Richard, 529-303, playing EXHALES, GIDDIES, and LINNETS. Before you feel too bad for Richard, he ended up getting revenge in his own way. In the final round, the battle for first place, Charles defeate Mary with the double-double FETATION (n. the development of a fetus) and the 9-letter UNREELERS.

2nd Andy Bohnsack feasted on cake and the aspirations of fellow Scrabblers as he compiled a 3-1 +229 record. He started off with a bang against Gail, playing 4 bingos, LARDIER, REHEARD, MESSING, and SONATINE (n. plural of SONATINA, a short sonata (n. a type of musical (adj. pertaining to music (n. organized vocal or instrumental sounds)) composition)). After suffering through his loss against Charles, he returned with renewed vigor to narrowly beat Bryan, 424-415. Bryan played ENSERFS and HARDIES against Andy's WARTIMES and NEONATAL. Andy then proved his versatility by not bingoing and still winning, 342-329 against Lynda. Bingos are fun, but winning is funner! Maybe. I guess it depends. Words of wisdom incoming: try to do both.

3rd Richard Lauder did his share of winning and bingoing, ending up at 3-1 +85. His first two games saw him play seven bingos to earn two wins, TINDERS, ELOIGNED, ANNOTATE, and DOCENTS against Lynda, and DESCALE, ROSULATE (new anagram OESTRUAL), and OUTRACE against Barb. He ran into an unstoppable Charles in the third round, but got his revenge against Thomas, winning 395-369. Thomas bingoed late in that game with the word-of-the-week POLYNYAS (n. POLYNYA, an area of open water surrounded by ice, alternate plural POLYNYI), but Richard then went out, finding his only available bingo of OTALGIA (n. pain in the ear) to win.

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