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Club Results 11/16

Bryan Plays a Very Special Word

1st Bryan Benwitz went 4-0 +327, defeating both Reinkes and playing the word REINKED in one of them. This is not the first time the word has been played (Lynda played it in the distant, fog-shrouded past of 2013) but it is definitely one of the more appropriate bingos in recent memory. The game in question was a 431-430 squeaker over Thomas; Bryan also had STRIVEN and CENTAVOS in that game to counteract Thomas' three bingos of CROONERS, CUSHIEST, and an out-bingo RENAILED  that wasn't quite enough. Bryan received significantly less opposition from Charles, who fell 325-471, ending the C-Twin's winning streak at twelve. In that game, Bryan upped his bingo production from three to four: SEDATIVE, CHEESING, DEMETONS, and BOLOGNAS. Another large win was had against Andy Bohnsack, 448-335. Andy got down the low-probability CASHLESS (adj. the state of the club after paying out so many prizes), but Bryan again went overboard with the bingoing, playing ELATIVE, NEGROID, and AMORETTI (which does NOT take an S, as Andy found out).

2nd Thomas Reinke's 4-1 +537 output put him in sole second place. He enjoyed much success in his two-on-one game against Helen Flores and Barb Besadny, tacking on nearly three hundred points of spread to his cume in that round alone. He beat Barb 489-297 thanks to bingos of SANTOLS, BROILER, and ANDIRONS; bingoing thricely became somewhat of a theme for Thomas, as all of his games save one featured exactly that many bingos. The "one" was a 417-334 win over Helen Flores where he only got down LARIATED; Helen had PIETIES to counter. Some more high scores were found in the Thomas-Andy matchup that ended 463-439 in Thomas' favor. Andy got down ROSELIKE and ZEBRANOS, the latter for 110 points, but Thomas bingo assaulted continued unabated with ROTUNDLY (now hook-able to OROTUNDLY), ALCAIDES, and POMATUMS.

3rd Charles Reinke went 3-1 +427, successfully extending his nine-game streak going into the night to a twelve-game streak before losing to Bryan in the final round, thus awarding Bryan five dollars. Charles received seven dollars for his efforts, which, when added to a five-dollar triple-triple and a four-dollar high O play, resulted in sixteen dollars of revenue, perhaps a club record! The triple-triple of READOPTS for 149 was played against Aaron Bader in a lopsided 541-370 victory for Charles. CELLIST and SENSORS were Charles' other bingos in that one. That scoring outburst then seamlessly translated into the next game, which was a 592-275 win for Charles against Lynda Finn. There were no triple-triples in that one, but Charles did add four bingos to his final list: STUDIOS, BROTHELS, CATNAPER, and TRUSTILY.

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