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Club Results 1/11


1st Lynda Finn came in after a long drive in from St. Paul, Minnesota to finish at 3-0 +229. Lynda won her final game vs. Richard Lauder 347-339 as she held only a single tile at the end, that tile being the second blank… and it was her turn to make a play. That’s the true definition of a REAL power tile!

2nd Charles Reinke averaged a solid 422 over four games as he totaled a 3-1 +122 record to finish atop the expert field. He won his final game 415-405 against Mark Kenas thanks to his two bingo finds of REFUNDS and the 50 point scoring boost he got from TAILWIND.

3rd Mark Kenas finished in 2nd with his own 3-1 +81 tally. Mark opened the night with his highest game so far this year, a 523-468 shootout with Susan Vergeront. Mark played FETATION, SEALING and REGEARED to help his winning cause there.


1st Harwinder Dowd reaped the benefits of her generosity of providing a warmly received cookie collection as she finished 2-1 +107 in a small field of 4 Intermediates. Harwinder’s high game was her opening 425-204 encounter with June Scott. Harwinder’s YANKEES play fueled her high total.

2nd Sue Goldstein finished in 2nd with a 2-2 -33 record. She gave expert player Andy Bohnsack almost all he could handle, losing by only two points (380-382) as she dropped ESQUIRE onto their board, thereby increased Andy’s normally placid heart rate.

3rd Barbara Lazewski took 3rd at 1-3 -347 as she joined us for her second but hopefully not last visit to our ranks. Barbara has recently retired and is hoping to be able to pursue many of her favorite activities, including playing scrabble with our seasoned players.

20 scrabble players met at Barnes & Noble this week,... Barbara Lazewski was awarded the $4 prize for the highest “GI” play (in GIFTEE), Thomas Reinke had the lowest F play, Andy Bohnsack took high TE, and Know Buddee claimed the finishing low E play.

A newbie player and grad student at the UW, Molly Gardner joined us and proved herself to be ready for the “big league play” at expert level, recording five bingoes in her first three games. Welcome aboard!
Next week, YCLAD (adj, clothed) will provide the $4 club fittings.

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