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Club Results 1/11

Roads Icy; So is Thomas' Demeanor as Streak Comes to End at Twenty Wins

1st Thomas Reinke took first place among a reduced group of only the hardiest Scrabblers, going 3-1 +252. However, first place was little consolation to him as his prodigious twenty-game winning streak was halted by Charles Reinke. Thomas scored just 369 (a low score in the context of his streak) to Charles' 420, despite both players getting two bingos (INGRESS and TEGULAE for Thomas; CITEABLE and HANDIEST for Charles). To ease the crushing despondency which overtook him as his monumental run came to an end, Thomas followed up with a 484-417 win against Aaron Bader, playing GROUCHED, REOPENED, and TOTALIZE (Aaron had PIETISMS, IDOCRASE, and VENTURE). Meanwhile, the final game of his streak, a 542-330 win over Dave Gilligan was made notable by his five bingos of SLATTED, EPIGONE, KEROSINE, REPANELS, and ASSOILED (v. ASSOIL, to pardon).

2nd Charles Reinke went 2-1 +313, the missing game due to an acute board shortage. After acting as a coach/observer to Helen Flores in round 1, he faced off against her in round 2 and won handily, 558-288. Helen was able to play a bingo of RESTATED; Charles flaunted his high-probability bingo knowledge with ALATION, INTRORSE, and AGONISE. After defeating his brother in glorious and proud fashion, Charles went face-to-face with Bryan Benwitz and was humbled, losing 422-430. He got outbingoed three to one in that game, getting down a lone BEERIER while having to contend with Bryan's LINURONS, RETAPES, and GRADATES.

3rd Aaron Bader also finished at 2-1, but his smaller +153 spread put him firmly in third place. He needed a little bit of luck in his game against Helen Flores as a late post-bingo draw of IIIIILL nearly snuffed out his chances, but he managed the victory anyway, 397-391. His bingos were NAUSEATE, UNBOOTED, and SPELEAN (adj. living in caves, also SPELAEAN). A game against Dave Gilligan was not quite as taxing; Aaron won easily, 465-251 thanks to some high-scoring power tile plays as well as his two bingos, DURIANS and SENHORS.

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