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Club Results 1/25

Winter Is A Curse That Shall Never Be Lifted

1st Bryan Benwitz triumphed over a significantly weather-reduced group of Scrabblers, going 3-0 +138. He narrowly defeated Charles in the first game, 404-381, taking advantage of his opponent's late-game consonant-itis. Bryan got down UPRAISE and SAVIORS in that contest, while Charles played STALLED and word-of-the-week WISEACRE. Bingos were harder to come by in his next game, with the sole rack-clearing play being Bryan's REQUINS. Bryan's stifling defense in that game led to a 369-287 win against the normally high-powered Thomas. Major props must be given to Helen who, in the third (and final) round, played one-on-two against Dave and Bryan, winning against Dave and nearly beating Bryan until a late DISINTER foiled her plans. As it stood, Bryan secured his undefeated record with the 399-366 win.

2nd Thomas Reinke went 3-1 +235, good for second place or for the pessimists, fourth-to-last (preantepenultimate) place. He dispatched Helen and Dave both in the first round, 498-289 against Dave and 452-353 against Helen. His scoring dropped off suddenly against Bryan, but it rebounded again in the third round as he defeated Charles, 430-421. Thomas won the bingo battle 3-1, playing OUTGROWN, AIRLINER, and NIGHTIES against Charles' CARRIES, but only won by 9 points? Come on Thomas. Geez.

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