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Club Results 3/1

Points Distributed Inequally Once Again

1st Thomas Reinke averaged a rather high 503 points per game en route to a 4-0 +830 night. I guess that's what happens when you outbingo your opposition 11-2 over 4 games. In the first game of the night, Mary played the best defense of any of his opponents, holding him to a mere 472 points and limiting him to two bingos, INSIDERS and PRONOTUM. Thomas wasn't limited in his bingoing against Bryan in the next round, getting down DEROGATE, TONEMES, TURACOS, and ALEURONE while Bryan stared helplessly at his non-bingo racks of clunky tiles. In the third round Thomas dropped an even 500 against Aaron, using a devastating 200-point bingo-bango of RAMENTA and PISTOLE to turn a close game into a blowout. Against Gail (coming off a win against Charles, which explains things), he upped the scoring even more, playing ANOXIAS and SETTLES on his way to 554 big ones.

2nd Bryan Benwitz only averaged 492 points during his 3-1 +673 night, which isn't even 500. The highlight of his night/year/life came in the first round, where he scored an amazing 673 against Gail, playing 5 bingos and earning the unending (at least until the club session was over) admiration of everyone in attendance. He played the word-of-the-week MARAVEDI in that game, which means "a former coin of Spain". His good fortune quickly turned south against Thomas, but then just as quickly rebounded against Mary and Dave in the last two games, where he scored 475 and 465 points respectively.

3rd Aaron Bader went 2-1 +221, earning third paragraph privileges in this prestigious writeup. He put the hurt on Charles in the opener, winning 448-305 and playing PERIDOT (n. an olive-green gemstone) and COARSENS. Against Dave he scored 578 while playing three bingos, ADAPTORS, UNTREAD, and TOODLES. Dave, never giving up in the face of an unstoppable scoring onslaught, did get down RELOANS for 87, and his score of 342 lead to one of the higher combined game scores of the year. He wasn't so lucky against Thomas in the third round, even if Thomas did almost challenge REWED. Don't laugh; sometimes words look really weird until you turn the board around!

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