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Club Results 1/18


1st Andy Bohnsack powered his way to a perfect 4-0 +445 to finish atop a strong expert field. Andy also scored 10 bingoes on the night, marred only by his first phony of the year, when he played “flapond” in his 527-295 win vs. Gail Salm. Andy had transposed the “f” and the “p” from the correct spelling of PLAFOND, a actual word referring to ceiling decorations.

2nd Charles Reinke took second on a 4-1 +210 tally. Charles had his closest game when he bested Shayla Dunn 420-383, for a 37 point win, aided by his two bingoes of ANTBEAR and GERANIOL.

3rd Lynda Finn following up on her impressive 1st place finish in the fabled Minnesota Redeye Tournament topped Mark Kenas 417-371 in her final game on her way to a 3-1 +171 night, nailing down a 3rd place finish.


1st Sue Goldstein rode a 2-1 +282 scoring evening to top spot in a teeny field of Intermediates at the club. Sue drew well in her games with June Scott as she averaged over 400 in those opening salvos.

2nd Harwinder Dowd finished in 2nd with an abbreviated 1-1 evening. Her loss came at the hands of expert Susan Vergeront, 295-373 in the second game match up.

3rd June Scott ended in 3rd in the field of 3 intermediates, with a 0-3 record. Despite the lack of wins, June continues to enjoy just playing the game and sharing the social interactions. Her quick wit and well known gentle laugh add to everyone’s enjoyment of our little club.

20 scrabble players met at Attic Angels this week,... No one was awarded the $4 prize for the highest “YC” play (in YCLAD), Shayla Dunn had the lowest L play, Gail Salm took high A, and Barbara Besadny had the finishing low D play.
Bingo King this week was Charles Reinke with 11 including back-to-back plays of ANTELOPE and UNSOCIAL. ANTELOPE takes a “G” front hook to make another noun, GANTELOPE.
Next week, CALIF (n, an Eastern potentate) will provide the $4 royalties.

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