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Club Results 3/15

Charles Keeps Winning Someone Stop Him Please

1st Charles Reinke went undefeated again, 4-0 +518, which really shouldn't surprise anybody at this point. In this first round, against Andy, both he and his opponent played three bingos, but Charles came out on top, 476-410. He got down LIMONITE, MIDWATER, and VALORISE, while Andy played ETOILES, COURAGES, and the 98-point EXTRADOS. After beating Gail in the second round, he turned his attention to Dennis, who ended up being yet another victim of Charles' bingo-finding skills. Charles played the nice finds of PERIANTH (n. the outer part of a flower) and TAUTOMER on his way to 508 points. Lynda was the final obstacle to his 10-game winning streak, but Charles overcame her as well, winning 523-414. MACRONS for 114 certainly helped his cause, as did the overwhelming desire to win that consumes every facet of his existence.

2nd Thomas Reinke's seeming lack of an overwhelming desire to win lead him to a 3-1 +215 record and 2nd place. His acceptance of the inevitability of defeat manifested itself in the first round, as he lost to Lynda, 373-439. Lynda played DIARIST and the very-plausible-looking TWEAKER* (n. a meth addict, come on Miriam-Webster get with the times) while Thomas got down CORONATE and SWATTING. In the second round, Dave G. played him closely, with Thomas eking out a 370-356 win. Dave's phony FETTINGS* almost seized victory, but Thomas scrounged together enough points in the endgame to seal the deal. In the next game, he beat Bryan on the back of a late EPEEISTS (n. one who fences with an epee). In his 468-290 win over Dennis, he bingoed twice early, with GRADUATE and word-of-the-week CZARISTS, then closed the board, leaving Dennis' bingos stranded. How mean!

3rd Lynda Finn went 3-1 +104, good for third place and a whole paragraph detailing her accomplishment. As already stated, she defeated Thomas in the first round, wisely creating a bingo when none were to be had with TWEAKER*. After that monumental victory, she faced Helen, who she also beat 384-345, aided by her bingo of SINGLET (not to be confused with SNIGLET). Against Gail, she again created her own best play by playing the phony BIFFERS* for 106. Has she unlocked some secret to Scrabble greatness? Mercilessly phony your opponents? Anyway, her undefeated night came to an end against Charles, but she did find the non-phonies VENDETTA and STARLING to keep the score respectable.

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