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Club Results 8/2

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1st Charles Reinke returned from a successful jaunt in New Orleans without missing a beat, going 3-0 +328. He prevailed in a tightly-contested, uh, contest, against Bryan in the first round, 373-345. He played the nice word-of-the-week GONOPORE while Bryan got down TIMEOUS (adj. timely). The bingoing picked up for him in the second round against David, against whom he played VILLAGER, DISUNITE, ELAPINE, and VIATORES. Despite a decisive 4-to-1 bingo disadvantage, David kept it close until the end, eventually losing 399-468. In the third game, Charles decided to reenact his widely acclaimed "New Orleans butt-kicking of my brother by 200 points" act by kicking his brother's butt by 200 points, 554-323. He did so by playing HANDLERS, VESTING, and LAXITIES, while Thomas only got down OMNIVORE. Congratulations again to Charles for coming in 6th place at Nationals and bringing glory to the entire state of Wisconsin.

2nd Thomas Reinke went 2-1 +229 by way of two blowout wins and one blowout loss. He beat Gail 578-376 in the first match of the night, playing DULCIANA, RETACKLE (v. to tackle again, DUH), and ARMOIRES. Gail bingoed three times herself, with DAINTIER, SARNIES, and REEDLING, which would have resulted in a tie game if this club kept score only by number of bingoes played. Anyone up for a rule change? No? Fine. Anyway, Thomas continued his bingoing ways against Richard, playing MOULTED, STONEFLY, CRUZEIRO (n. a former monetary unit of Brazil, named after the "Cruzeiro do Sul", or Southern Cross, a constellation only visible in the southern hemisphere, no, this isn't too much information), and RATLINS. Things turned dramatically south for him in the last game, but that's okay. After two 200-point wins, a 200-point loss seems perfectly fair, doesn't it?

3rd Richard Lauder went 2-1 +17, mirroring Thomas' two blowout wins and one blowout loss strategy. He played two in the first game, Sue and David. Against Sue, he scored 464 while playing CURTSIES, REALIGN, UNROUND (v. to articulate without rounding the lips), and PEMICAN. Against David, he scored 441 but only got one bingo, ORALIST versus David's PROFILER. No bingos, power tiles, or really much of anything were forthcoming for Richard in the second game, and perhaps because of that (or because he wanted to make us even), he left a game early.

Word Cup Results
Lynda went 15-16 in the top division, including a win against the world's top player, Nigel Richards
Mary came in 6th in the third division, going 18-13 +474
Helen came in 7th in the third division, going 18-13 -34

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