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Club Results 8/9

Charles Reinke Wields Tiles as Deadly Weapons

1st Charles Reinke tightened his stranglehold on the club's top spot by recording a 4-0 +565 outing while averaging 479 per game. He began his undefeated night with a big 508-291 win over the (grievously injured) Aaron Bader, getting down PICOTEE, TONGERS, and HEMATINE to Aaron's sole REDROOTS. A subsequent bout with Thomas Reinke saw Charles' potent scoring ability diminished, but he still came away with the win over his brother and eternal foe, 391-345, thus nudging their lifetime series closer to .500. Charles' next two games were both against undefeated opponents, and in both cases he happened to spoil their dreams of a 4-0 record, so I hope he feels bad. He took down Bryan Benwitz 432-392 (playing EAGERLY and HEADWIND to Bryan's MOTIONER and AIRLINES), then, with the undefeated record in sight, the floodgates opened against Helen Flores, and he won their matchup 583-321. In that last game, Charles monopolized the bingo output with DAUNTER, REDIRECT, and ANNOYER.

2nd Bryan Benwitz went 3-1 with a massive spread of 649. With such a large point advantage over his opponents, there will no be surprise when it is revealed that he averaged 491 points per game, this third-highest ever session average. Each of his wins was a major blowout, and it only proves that Bryan does not have a merciful bone in his body. His first game was a 454-266 win over Betty Hasselkus which saw Bryan play a trio of common seven-letter bingos (TALLIES, NARDINE, and COARSER). Next, he clobbered Richard Lauder 474-245 despite Richard's singular bingo of LURCHERS (80 points) scoring more than Bryan's singular bingo of FLOUTER (74 points). A loss to Charles Reinke followed, and that loss filled Bryan with a rage so furious that Aaron Bader (remember, the grievously injured one) stood no chance in the final game. The final score was 645-373, with that 645 being Bryan's third-highest score ever. He played an astounding five bingos: ECTOPIA, ENACTING, GYRATION, HOSTAGE, and ILMENITE. Aaron's bingo list was significantly shorter: he played FIGURES. Reports that he later used his cast as a weapon against Bryan are unconfirmed at this time.

3rd Helen Flores also went 3-1, but her spread total of -55 fell some 700 points short of Bryan, so she was relegated to third place. She took a close one over Sue Goldstein, 345-324, thanks in part to an 81-point PANNERS, but really got rolling in the second game, defeating the returning (and soon departing) Darcy Davis 425-253. In that one, Helen played PAINFUL, BROADEST, and MANGOES, while Darcy was sadly prevented from playing even one bingo. Helen then, for the second time this year, picked up a rare win over Thomas Reinke, defeating the mighty twin in a closely-fought contest, 435-421. Thomas outbingoed her two to one (TRAMELED and SENOPIA vs. LAUNDERS), but couldn't withstand her scoring onslaught. Reports that Helen's scoresheet currently adorns her refrigerator are unconfirmed at this time.

Thomas' AESTHETE was chosen as word of the week. In other bingo news, nobody played any phony bingos! Way to go team!

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