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Club Results 9/20

Overall Club Win Rate Holds Steady at 50 Percent

1st Thomas Reinke bingoed 13 times, which is a pretty good amount of bingos but not, you know, a totally insane amount of bingos, and as a result went 3-1 +380. His night got off to a good start against Betty, against whom he scored 524 and slapped down four bingos. Against Aaron in the second game, his out-bingo of TOENAILS was not enough, and he lost 439-452. He also played ANTIRED (adj. opposed to communism) and OREBODY that game, the latter being the oft-speculated missing link between REBODY and FOREBODY. More bingoage occurred in his 499-367 win against Dave:  JOINERS, AROUSING, OBESITY, and ACETONIC. Dave kept it close-ish with his double-double of DELISTED and a variety of high-scoring plays, but the bingo deficit eventually caught up with him. In the final game, challenger Bryan struck first with LOATHED and latter added TRANNIES, but Thomas' RUINOUS and AERATIONS were enough to win, 430-390.

2nd Lynda Finn, following her first place finish last week, came in second (a disturbing trend??????) this week, going 3-1 +102. She opened the session strongly against Charles, winning 462-408 with the aid of a SCALDING BONFIRE. She hit a minor roadblock in the form of Dave in the second round, losing 364-392, but quickly recovered against Helen, 443-401. Her recovery happened to include the phony LUNKIER* (real word URNLIKE), but we're not going to judge. It certainly looks very much like a word. Lynda finished off her night with a resounding 452-418 victory over Aaron, where she played NEUROMA, RELOADS, and GRATINEE. Lynda has now won against Aaron 4 out of the last 6 times they have played.

3rd Bryan Benwitz edged out Gail for third place, going 3-1 +48. He defeated Richard in the opener with his out-bingo of TEOSINTE, overcoming Richard's GUANASE, TITULAR, and MORSELED. He followed that up with a close 414-381 win over Helen, featuring the so-questionable-it's-not-even-good-in-Collins IVORIEST (adj most ivory?). Speaking of Collins, in the third game Bryan beat Aaron, 407-385. Not quite as decisive as the last time Bryan accomplished that feat (the number 645 is for some reason popping into my memory), but good enough. His sole bingo that game was SAUCIERS (n. SAUCIER, a chef who specializes in sauces).

Aaron played the word-of-the-week, HETAIRAI, which is a plural of HETAIRA, a concubine in ancient Greece. In other news, the club has now passed 13000 unique bingos played, which seems like a lot. In other other news, Gail probably some sort of club record when she won the low K prize with a 39 point play. New rule: prizes for low plays will not be awarded for words scoring more than 25 points. We will not continue to reward such an obvious lack of effort.

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