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Club Results 9/27

Aaron Bader Outwords Everybody

1st Aaron Bader took on a veritable "killer's row" of opponents, but was undaunted by the challenge, winning them all to go 4-0 +318. He started out with a 430-372 win over Thomas Reinke, getting bingos of MAENADS and SURGERS against Thomas' CIRRATE and ALMONER. Later he would achieve a victory over the other Reinke, beating Charles 433-398 thanks to CHANTEYS and a timely nine-letter find of EULOGISES (Charles had CORMOID and DEBATING). Unfortunately for Aaron, there is no third Reinke to exploit for easy victories, so he had to settle for a win against Bryan Benwitz instead (his inclusion as an honorary third Reinke is pending a vote from the Reinke tribunal). Aaron still remembers the time Bryan scored 645 against him, so on this occasion he refused to let Bryan even reach the 300 mark; the final score was 393-288. No remorse was felt when Aaron got by the phony DEMODING (only DEMODE and DEMODED are good). Overall, Aaron showed an extreme lack of remorse for any of the actions he perpetrated on his defenseless opponents.

2nd Lynda Finn continued her strong start to the club season, and retained her current top spot in the standings, with a 3-1 +412 record. Her one loss was against, who else, Aaron Bader, who defeated her in a high-scoring bout, 536-416. Lynda had CAROTINS as her only bingo, and it was not nearly enough against Aaron's WAVIEST, OUTLEAP, SECRETIN, and RABBETS. The rest of Lynda's games resulted in more favorable outcomes; she defeated the suddenly-vulnerable Thomas Reinke 425-383 with high-quality expert bingo finds of STARTED and AGONIES. Thomas contributed to the high level of bingoing in that game by getting SOUARIS and RETINOID. Lynda finished up her night with her largest win ever, winning by a margin of 369 points against Richard Lauder, 565-196. Her accomplishment was mildly sullied by a phony ANNULIS (a creative combination of ANNULI and ANNULUS), but she offset that error with a nice find of SMARAGD (an obsolete term for an emerald, also SMARAGDE) as well as two other bingos, GRITTIER and OVEREDIT.

3rd Charles Reinke rounded out the top three with a 3-1 +224 finish. He took the first game against Dave Gilligan 459-335 despite getting outbingoed two to one (Dave's BRINIEST and LANTERNS vs. Charles' HAIRPINS). He then posted another strong win over Bryan Benwitz, 464-341. This time around, he was the one outbingoing somebody, getting two bingos of BENISON and OUTPRAY vs. Bryan's lonely SANATIVE (adj. having the power to cure or heal). After stumbling against a ruthless Aaron, he recovered in the final game against his own brother, winning a low-scoring matchup 366-354. In a dramatic departure from their usual high-flying style, each involved player had just one bingo: PLANGENT for Charles and TACRINE for Thomas. This situation seems like it's begging for a collusion investigation, except usually when people collude, it's to get really high scores, not really low scores.

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