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Club Results 10/25

A Club Session Where We Dealt With the Psychological Ramifications of Eating Halloween Candy a Week Early

1st Charles Reinke went undefeated, which doesn't seem that unusual for him, going 4-0 +376. Rather than waiting until the end of the night, the Reinke bros got their weekly matchup out of the way in round one, with Charles winning 461-420. His bingo of INGROUP with both blanks at the end of the game was the deciding factor. Against Bryan, he unleashed his full scoring arsenal, scoring 584 while playing TURISTA, AREOLAS, EXUVIAL, and DIOLEFIN. Bryan successfully extended that last one to DIOLEFINE* while playing PATINAE, a natural attempt considering OLEFINE is a word. In the third round, Charles won 424-383 against Lynda, playing SOLVABLE and REGNANCY. You can guess what happened with that last one; that's right, Lynda quickly extended it to PREGNANCY for 60-some points. Unfortunately there was no more room remaining on the board for a futher extension to PSEUDOPREGNANCY. Dennis sought to end Charles' loss-less night in the final game, and got off to a quick lead, but as Charles often does, he came back to win 430-357. PARSERS for 106 followed swiftly by BOOGERS left Dennis wondering why the heck he even showed up in the first place.

2nd Thomas Reinke went 3-1 +343, coming in second place to his brother once again. After losing his opening match with Charles, he turned his focus towards Gail, and felt no remorse as he won 525-294. He played MORTALS (anagram STROMAL), FIRRIEST (adj. abounding in firs), and HANDRAIL. Against Mary, he won 474-389, overcoming an early closed board/close game to play SORBANT and DEMIURGE (n. a being responsible for the creation of the universe). Mary played the phony CLANLESS*, which stayed on the board due to it giving Thomas a high-scoring counterplay. Always think before you challenge! Thomas finished up his evening with a win over Lynda, 439-371. Club historians may remember that Thomas lost to her on an outbingo just last week. Eager to not repeat mistakes of the past, Thomas this week blocked Lynda's outbingo, securing the win and retaining his sanity.

3rd Bryan Benwitz was the other player who had three wins plus a loss to Charles, finishing with a 3-1 +38 record. He drew Gail in the first round and prevailed 412-373. Gail played HELMETS for 91, but Bryan's LEGONGS (n. a Balinese dance) and NITRIDES were too much to overcome. Things took a sharp turn for the worse against Charles, a 221-point turn to be precise, but Bryan kept his cool and came back with a 446-301 win over Richard. For his final act, he brought out his patented word cannon aganst Mary, playing PERVADES, MANDRELS, and the word-of-the-week, CICALAS (n. CICALA, a variant of CICADA, pluralizes to CICALAS, or CICALE). Mary did get down the nice ENTOMBED to keep it somewhat close, for he part.

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