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Club Results 12/27

It's Never Too Cold For Scrabble® Brand Crossword Game!

1st Dave Kinzer took advantage of a holiday/cold/illness-diminished group, going 3-0 +88 to take first place. His first win was a low-scoring 285-271 affair against newcomer Jayant. His bingo attempt that game, SWINGOUT* (OUTSWING is acceptable), was challenged off, despite his confidence in baseball terminology. In the second round he again notched a win against a neophyte, Pranav, in a 354-302 battle. He got down FREAKING (the dictionary gives the definition "to streak with color", I don't know if I believe that...) in that one, not to be confused with PHREAKING (v. to gain illegal access to telephone services). After that, he faced a savvy veteran of the club, Sue, and won 347-325, playing MISTOOK.

Due to a shortage of boards, the quartet of Aaron, Bryan, Charles, and Thomas played a series of 2-on-2 games, with everyone going 2-1 except for Thomas who went 0-3. Some of the cooler bingoes played were REDUVIID, GOSHAWK, CONIINE, and NATANTLY. The most exciting game was the superior Charles/Bryan combo beating the inferior Aaron/Thomas tandem 542-477, a close game that turned into a blowout due to one side getting stuck with the Z.

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