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Club Results 1/17

Aaron Bader Climbs to Top of Misty Mountain, Lets Out Ear-Splitting Victory Screech

1st Aaron Bader topped the group of players who had one loss by going 4-1 +348. Interestingly, each player in the top three was given their only loss by another player in the top three. "I shall allow my opponent to out-bingo me," he flatly intoned after the first round, where he defeated Gail Salm 418-379 despite playing just one bingo (MARVELS) to Gail's two (DIASTER, INFECTOR). That trend partially continued into the second round, which saw Aaron facing off against both Dave Kinzer and Dennis Lloyd. The victory against Dave was a spotless 464-285 affair wherein Aaron played INHALES, PEDANTRY, and KEROSINE (Dave got SHAGGED), but he was out-bingoed by Dennis, who got PLANERS and DEPUTIES to Aaron's LINIEST. However, Aaron was still able to take the win, 399-368. Aaron then laid down a massive amount of hurt on Charles Reinke (against whom he has now won five of six); the final score of 481-322 accurately reflects the magnitude of the supplied beatdown. Charles had one bingo of CRABLIKE, but Aaron scoffed at this pathetic display while getting down OUTSNORE, DETRAINS, OOMPAHS (anagram: SHAMPOO), and DIETETIC. Aaron would have been able to escape with an unblemished 4-0 record if he had been allowed to leave after the third round, but the extra game against Thomas Reinke proved to be his downfall (a downfall which will be enumerated in a later paragraph).

2nd Charles Reinke fell fifty spread points short of first place; his record of 4-1 +297 seemed fine at the time, but now his thoughts are haunted by the idea that if he had just managed to fit a phony bingo in there somewhere, he could taste the glory of the first-place spot for himself. Charles had the privilege of playing two games in his first round (if everybody did that, we would have to charge $4 instead of $2) and won them both, 475-317 against Dave Gilligan and 411-368 against Lynda Finn. Bolstered by a strong start where he had two wins to everybody else's one win (or zero wins), he went into a matchup against brother Thomas Reinke with confidence and easily triumphed, 474-350. Thomas had two low-scoring bingos (RETIRANT for 60, OMITTERS for 61), but Charles had three: OCARINA, OUTGUIDE, and UNRIFLED (note that UNRIFLE is not good!). A demoralizing loss to Aaron followed, but Charles returned to his winning ways by taking down Helen Flores in the final round, 478-347.

3rd Thomas Reinke was not allowed the benefit of playing a fifth game, thus, his record was a mere 3-1 +265. His first game was a quite lopsided 468-284 victory over Mary Becker, despite there being perfect bingo parity (Thomas had FORESTER, Mary had TACTILE). Part of the score differential was a result of Thomas' high-scoring non-bingo phony of GEEJAYS (JAYGEE is good; JAYVEE and VEEJAY is the pair he was thinking of). Luckily, we don't make players write down every phony word they play. But maybe we should. Anyway, Thomas' second win came against the visiting Jim Frankki by a score of 490-345. Jim would end up winning two of his four games, and he even bingoed twice in this game (REMOVAL and BRAGGER), so Thomas shouldn't feel bad about his mistreatment of the visitor (mistreatment which involved a trio of bingos: SKIRTING, ATRESIA, and GROUTED). A third-place finish was secured by a clutch 422-362 win over Aaron Bader, who was caught off-guard by Thomas' DANGEST (later extended to DANGESTS), but, to be fair to Aaron, his bingo of BARIUMS was at least somewhat cooler than Thomas' DANGEST and REALEST.

Jim's BENZENE was chosen as word of the week. It's probably a chemical compound or something. Just a guess.

(P.S. The screech thing was a joke, not least because Misty Mountain is not even a real mountain)

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