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Club Results 2/28

Next Club Meeting There Will Be a Vote On Whether U's Should Be Worth Two Points Instead of One

1st Charles Reinke went 4-0 +288, going undefeated for the second week in a row. His first game was his lowest-scoring, as he scored a mere, A MERE, 414 in a win against Lynda. Not acceptable. He picked up the scoring against Dave in the secound round, even though he only got one bingo, an outplay of KILLERS. Dave played TASTIER and the phony RETANNED*, which Charles purposefully didn't challenge so as to play his outbingo and win the game right then and there. His third-round matchup against Thomas was, as is typical for this particular pair of opponents, a high-scoring affair, with Charles winning 512-446. His first act was turning an awkward rack into TUITIONS, then added HAIRBAND. After Thomas played RECANTS to go up by a bunch, he responded with a 95-point DOILIED (adj. covered in doilies, not to be confused with DOILED, which means "dazed", but don't play DOIL*), a game-winning play that forced an unsuccessful challenge.  He secured his  perfect night with a 448-438 win against Aaron that came down to the final plays. Aaron played the fancy UNCIALLY (adj. in uncial script) and REPAIRED, while Charles got STOOGES, EUGENOLS, and REALTERS.

2nd Thomas Reinke came in second with his 3-1 +343 record, averaging 478 points per contest. He started off with a 491-373 win over Aaron, playing a trio of semi-weird words: WRENTITS (n. a small bird, often confused for a BUSHTIT), LUPANARS (n. a brothel) and FLIVVERS (n. an old, battered car). Against Bryan, he won 473-326, with a not-insignifcant amount of points coming from the phony WHEATLIKE*. Thomas' phony percentage on nine-letter words is very high lately, so if he plays one against you, be sure to be alert and to not let him pull the wool over your eyes. Bryan played the double-double SEARCHED for 106, but Thomas' numerous other bingos were too much to overcome. After a heartbreaking (okay probably not really that heartbreaking but maybe a little sad) loss to his brother, he exacted misplaced revenge on an unsuspecting Helen, 503-359. Helen started off with SOILAGE, but Thomas' MESQUITS (also MESQUITE or MEZQUIT or MEZQUITE) for 122 made things tough. He also played ARENOUS, the definition for which is "ARENOSE", which Dennis played in a different game tonight. If you're not satisfied with that definition, and you shouldn't be, they both mean "sandy".

3rd Dave Kinzer, in the absense of any other 3-1 players, came in third with a 2-1 +51 record. In the first round he turned a very close game into a 55-point win, 381-326, with a late bingo of CIGARETS (angrams AGRESTIC (adj. rural) and ERGASTIC (adj. constituting the non-living byproducts of protoplasmic activity), which drew a challenge from a disbelieving Sue. Obviously, the normal spelling is CIGARETTES; CIGARET was used more often in the 40's/50's before the spelling fell out of favor. He won again in the next round, 336-314 against Betty, where both players had to navigate a board where there didn't seem to be any places to score points. My proposed change where E's are worth 5 points would fix this problem, just saying (for real though U's should be worth 2 all in favor say "aye"). Dave managed to get down TEAPOTS for 73 before things got unplayable, which ended up being the difference in the game. His final game was a 355-381 loss to Helen where he didn't bingo, but Helen got down two: RECITER and what looks to be a phony BISQUITS*. Curse the Bisquick marketers for tainting the brains of our innocent Scrabble players!

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