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Club Results 5/2

Cleanup in Aisle Four

1st Charles Reinke ran away with first place thanks to a perfect 4-0 +380 performance. The beginning of his perfection was a 433-325 win over Mary Becker, wherein he played REDUCES and ARTIEST. Mary later avenged that loss by taking down Thomas Reinke 353-342, but the checkmark in the "W" column of Charles' scoresheet was immutable. Charles followed up that win with his highest score of the night, a 514-347 win against Bryan Benwitz. Charles had four bingos in that contest: PAROLED, MONADES (plural of MONAS, so don't play MONADE), MAHONIAS, and the 122-point word-of-the-week QUOTABLY. A matchup against Lynda Finn was less successful in the "scoring points" department, but was equally successful in the "win the game" department, as Charles prevailed 389-308. Both bingos on the board were high-probability sevens: Charles' DOURINE and Lynda's ATONERS. Charles wrapped up his undefeated evening by duking it out with his brother Thomas in a high-scoring affair that ended 490-466 in Charles' favor. Thomas got down ATONERS (where have we seen that one before?), BANDIEST, and a 113-point PROVERS, but Charles outdid him with four bingos (AROUSED, RELINES, ELONGATE, and MATRIXES).

2nd Bryan Benwitz went 3-1 +195, his one loss appropriately being given to him by the person in first place. However, no amount of later misfortune could dampen Bryan's good mood after he completely pummelled Thomas Reinke in the first round, scoring an astounding 652 (to Thomas' 424). Bryan's 652 is the fourth 600-point game this year, but it's the highest of those, and the players' combined score of 1076 is the second-highest ever since we started keeping track in 2011. Bryan's bingos in that game were BUNTERS, ETIOLATE, MARAUDS, and a 131-point triple-triple of ENTREPOT. Thomas contributed THAIRMS, GASALIER, and UNPILING to the bingo collection. Coincidentally, Gail Salm also had a triple-triple in the first round, playing a 122-point TROLLIES in a winning effort against Helen Flores. The rest of Bryan's night passed without further incident; after the loss to Charles, he defeated Gail Salm 462-331 despite getting outbingoed two to one (ENDORSEE and TAENIAS vs. CASERNES). He then finished up with an anxiety-inducing 380-377 win over Lynda Finn where he got down TANGIEST and RETIRING.

3rd Dave Gilligan averaged 408 per game, sixty higher than his season average, on his way to a 3-1 -26 finish. His nine bingos also tied his highest-ever bingo total in a session. He started off right with a close win over Thomas Reinke, 428-425, and proved the eons-old adage "two bingos are better than one" by getting down ELASTIC and OPEROSE to Thomas' singular REALEST. In the second round, he faced off against the man who would stick him with a negative spread that was never recovered from, Aaron Bader. Their game ended with a final score of 329-503, but Dave did find two bingos of TRITONS and DESALTED to ease the mild discomfort that losing tends to induce (Aaron had PRESONG, OCCURRED, and RAREFIED). Dave resumed his winning ways by holding Helen Flores bingoless in a 421-339 victory spurred by bingos of OUTAGES and STANDER (don't forget the new anagram, DARNEST!). The evening ended on a high note as he got his high game of the night against Gail Salm, 453-390. This time around, he played THREE bingos: INVADER, BUNGEES, and TALLIERS (after a failed attempt at STALLER [it's only STELLAR <nested parentheses are easy to get carried away with>]).

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