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Club Results 2/22 Michael David Blows Away Experts


Michael David sweeps the experts with an impressive 717 cume. Michael averaged an impressive 496 points per game, beating his opponents by an average of 179 points per game. His biggest game was his 525-250 trouncing of Andy Bohnsack. His closest game was his opening nailbiter with Shayla 465-445. Michael also takes bingo king honors with 10 in 4 games, including RAWHIDES, which was chosen as word of the week by his adorable dog, Professor Fluff.

Mark Kenas takes second with a 3-1 outing. His only loss was to Susan Vergeront who was undeafed in the first three rounds before she had to face Michael. Mark played the 9 letter word DISTANCES in his win over Thomas Reinke, and had 4 bingos in his game with Leslie Seltzer, where he won 578 to 216. 

Thomas Reinke comes in third with 3 wins and one loss as well.  Thomas had 9 bingos including the fish OLDWIFE. His only loss was against Mark Kenas in round 1 when he came up only 10 points short of Mark.


Langdon Martin comes in first, going 3-1 with his only loss being to the expert Andy Bohnsack in round 1. Langdon bingoed against Andy with REORDERS and has two other bingos over the course of the night.

Sue Goldstein finises second with a 2-1 showing, her only loss being to Langdon. We all breathed easier when her EXHALING bingo went down.

June Scott claims third with a 2-1 finish. She had a decisive win over Sharlie Miura by the score 361-249.

Word of the Week

Not that i'm bi-ased or anything but Leslie Seltzer takes word of the week honors with BIFACES. BIFACE is a stone tool having a cutting edge

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