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Club Results 6/7



1st Thomas Reinke returned from a third-place finish at Lynda's weekend tournament to come in first place, with a 3-1 +511 record. He began his night with a big win against a sleep-deprived Helen, who could sit and blink blearily as he dropped a trio of bingos onto the board: ABETTOR, ILLITES (n. ILLITE, a group of minerals, not to be confused with TILLITE, which is just straight up a mineral), and METRIST. He faced longtime foe Charles in the second round and came out on top 432-343. He got three bingos in quick succession, then closed down the board and laughed as Charles failed to draw any blanks and only got one measly bingo. If attendees were wondering what the jeering laughter coming from the grocery store PA system was, well, now you know. Those systems are surprisingly easy to hack into! No jeering laughter was present in the next game as he lost to Bryan 358-371 (Bryan is not really the jeering type). Bryan's late bingo of EMERSION was the difference maker in that one. He then faced Charles again and won again, his 2-0 record against him offsetting somewhat his 0-2 record against him at the tournament. This one was even more of a blowout with Thomas scoring 523 and getting down NONDAIRY (as in creamer), EXCRETES for 118, GOOPIEST, and ANTIQUER (n. one that antiques (v. ANTIQUE to give an appearance of age to)).

2nd Bryan Benwitz returned from not playing in Lynda's weekend tournament to come in second place, with a 3-1 +269 record. His first game was against Charles, now known by his nickname "Punching Bag". Bryan dominated early, bingoing three times before Punching Bag could even get one down and ended up winning 478-365. After that, he scored 480 against Gail, helped greatly by his blank-containing non-bingo of BEZIQUE for 88 points. There are 27 other bingo-length words with both a Q and a Z, but none of them have been played at club (as a bingo) since we started keeping track. Get to work, people! No more playing QI for 11! Instead play QUINZHEE for way more! Bryan's closest game of the night was against Thomas, which was somewhat low-scoring, 371-358. Only two total bingos were played, which means two things: for one, that only two bingos were played, and for two, that that's not enough bingos. Bryan's hopes for an undefeated night were dashed by Dave, who came in and ruined everything by winning 415-343. Dave got down an early ARENOUS and latter added UNDOINGS, which Bryan's challenge of proving to be his undoing (note the noun form of the word I just used). Bryan did get down STERNLY, but as it used both blanks, his chances to come back were diminished.

Dave almost one word-of-the-week with MALAMIUT*, but erroneously combined the acceptable forms, MALAMUTE and MALEMIUT (n. an Alaskan sled dog). He gets the less prestigious phony-of-the-week prize instead.

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