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Club Results 7/11

1st Thomas Reinke ran away with the top spot, going 4-0 +363 and averaging 479 points per game. Thanks to last week's cancellation due to the 4th of July, Thomas approached the game with renewed vigor, and was not seriously threatened by any of his four opponents. In fact, his scores went up with each game played, a fact which does not bode well for anybody hoping to beat Thomas in the future. His first game was against brother and lifelong nemesis Charles Reinke, and it was his only game where the winning margin was less than 100; he won 435-353, getting down bingos of PITIABLE, DOURINES, and ATTENDEE (vs. EQUALITY and ROUPIEST). He then rattled off two more sizable victories, 465-290 against Betty Hasselkus (playing GOOFIER, WIENERS, and TAURINES) and 476-323 (playing ANTIMALE). Sitting at a comfortable 3-0 record, Thomas then was afforded the chance to play the other 3-0 player, Dave Kinzer. This matchup was even more contentious than usual given that Dave had beaten Thomas a month prior, evening up the lifetime series at 2-2. This time around, Thomas showed no mercy, winning 541-315. Dave had one bingo of INSANER, but Thomas had three of them: GERMIER, ROUTINE, and the 131-point triple-triple LISTENED.

2nd Charles Reinke went 3-1 +271, a distant second to his brother but second place nonetheless. He recovered well after an unwanted loss in the first round, winning his next three in a display of incredible resilience (getting loaded up on buttery, salty goodness in the form of Ritz crackers didn't hurt either). His largest win came against Aaron Bader, a 515-301 drubbing where Aaron's 90-point AZURITE only lessened the bleeding against Charles' UNSOAKED, MONOCLED, and COENURES. A game against Bryan Benwitz was substantially closer in terms of score, but exactly the same in outcome, as Charles won 388-342. Bryan's sole bingo was SEINERS (bypassing SEREINS and SERINES, both of which are severely underrepresented in the club's bingo database), while Charles had ABUSIVE and TERSELY. The comeback tour was completed with a 461-368 victory over Dennis Lloyd. Dennis played SLEETING, while Charles got down TERNIONS, COLLIES, and ADAPTOR.

3rd Dave Kinzer also finished at 3-1, but, by the unbreakable rules of mathematics, his +154 spread left him in third place. He won his first three games, and in none of those games did he allow his opponents to break the 300-point threshold. A first-round bout against Sue Goldstein ended decisively in Dave's favor, 352-257, thanks to a 75-point bingo of DENOTES. The following game against Dennis Lloyd was even more decisive than that, as Dave got his second-highest winning margin ever (167 points) by winning 419-252. Again, he played just one bingo, FLOURED. The pattern of decisive victories continued with a win over Carl Skalitzky, 347-229, although no bingos were played in that one. After debating the merits of going home with an undefeated record, Dave decided to tough out one more game, but this decision didn't work out as planned, as he was steamrolled by Thomas Reinke 315-541, reducing his +380 spread after three games to a more sedate +154.

In addition to Thomas' triple-triple of LISTENED, two other triple-triples were played: Gail Salm's OUTLEAPS (122 points) and Bryan Benwitz's SOUNDING (140).

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