NOTICE: during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Madison Scrabble Club will not be holding in-person meetings. Check our Facebook page for information about virtual gatherings.

Club Results 11/7

1st Thomas Reinke came out on top of a lightly attended club session at everyone's favorite downtown grocery store. He beat Bryan in the first round, playing REDLINED and BESPEAK. Normally the P and the B don't go together, but he made it work, which must be why he's first place in the standings this year. He then faced Charles, and won 520-438. He played three bingos in a row early, PEREION, BRAVEST, and word-of-the-week HUSTINGS (n. a British court, and it needs the S on the end). Charles managed to recover and make the game close with NELUMBOS, GOTHITE (n. an ore of iron, also GOETHITE), and KENDOIST, but Thomas won the game by going out with REOILED. And that was that! Club officials have noticed a downtrend in the amount of players coming to Festival Foods. Please tell us your concerns about it (like how loud it gets), and perhaps we can think about finding a new location.

Posted on 2018-11-08 18:51:36 by admin