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Club Results 11/21

1st Charles Reinke gave thanks for a 4-1 +392 performance that landed him atop a group of three players that all had 4-1 records. He got a jump start on his first-place effort by playing two games in the first round and winning them both: a close 405-401 win over Bryan Benwitz (seeing him play ZAIDEHS and TONTINE), and a not-as-close 472-289 win over Dave Gilligan (choosing CANNONED over its anagram, NONDANCE). Another large spread was achieved against Dennis Lloyd, 471-282, thanks to bingos of SOILAGE and INSOULS (and a hidden flask of pre-Thanksgiving cranberry sauce for much-needed nutrients). The evening finished up with a pair of games against sworn lifelong enemy Thomas Reinke, and, after losing the first game, Charles took the second game to secure his first-place record. That game ended with a score of 424-359; Charles played DENTISTS and an out-bingo of PASTERNS, while Thomas had HORNETS.

2nd Aaron Bader also went 4-1, with a spread of +342, and averaged 466 points per game while doing it. Four of his games were against regular Collins opponent Mark Kenas, and all of them were victories. One of those wins came in a two-on-one where Aaron also faced off against Thomas Reinke, and that game was his only loss at 405-420. All bingos played were of the "high probability, TWL dictionary" variety: Thomas had LOANEES and ATTIRED against Aaron's TRANCIER and RENOVATE. In that same round, Aaron had his biggest win against Mark, a 504-335 drubbing where Aaron had four bingos: MOSSIEST, CARTLOAD (triple-triple for 149), SAUNTED#, and PERIODED#. Mark played ENTITLED in that game, as in "somebody who has studied all the Collins-only bingos is entitled to at least one win in four games". The closest game between Aaron and Mark was a 480-457 slugfest that ended in Aaron's favor, partially thanks to his bingos of MORTGAGE, TROILITE, and ENDOGENS. Mark had KYANISES, SALUTED, and word-of-the-week RELOCATEE (a good extension for RELOCATE).

3rd Thomas Reinke's 4-1 record was good, but his inferior +135 spread relegated it to "but not good enough" territory. Like his first-place-finishing brother (do I smell a Scrabble-jealousy-fueled Thanksgiving blowout a-brewing?), Thomas had a strong first game, beating Dennis Lloyd 462-329. Dennis did get down TISANES, but Thomas played SOOTIER, TINHORNS, LECTERNS, and AMIDINE. After beating Aaron in an honorary Collins game, Thomas took on Bryan and Charles in a challenging two-on-one, but the challenge was apparently inadequate in preventing Thomas from winning both games. He barely beat Bryan, 356-353, and the win was mostly thanks to a timely SENECIO (Bryan had ORATURES). The game against Charles was higher-scoring, but also closely-contested, ending with a score of 511-462. Thomas' out-bingo of UNREASON (to go along with DEMETONS, PREUNITE, and FRAGILE) was the deciding factor. Charles had COLDEST, ATOMIZED, and PLEURON (with a blank P, so FLEURON and ALEURON were also options without even having to shuffle letters around).

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